The Children’s Place clearance

I stopped by the Children’s Place store at the Allen Premium Outlets on the way home from McKinney today. They had several shirts on their Web site (go to “Monster Sale”) that were only $0.99 each, so I wanted to see if they had any of the items in the store. They were $1.99 at the store. I was glad I stopped there though because I found quite a few items that were $1.99-$4.99.

I got the 15 items in the photo for $38. The pink skirt at the bottom right was regularly $19.99, but I got it for $1.99! It wasn’t on the $1.99 rack and it wasn’t marked, so be sure to use the in-store price tag scanner if you’re unsure of the price. I especially love the skirts with the “built-in” shorts. They had lots of them.

I forgot to take the 15% coupon from the August 2009 Martha Stewart Living magazine (Family Circle also has a 15% off coupon). The store was packed and the dressing rooms were full, so my daughter tried everything on at home. These particular clothes seem to run small so I will be returning most of the items, getting larger sizes (if they still have them), and I will use the 15% off coupon.

The non-outlet stores probably have similar “Monster Sale” pricing, so if you need kids’ clothes and if you’re in Dallas, stop by the Park Lane FreshBerry Yogurt Cafe on Thursday, August 6 for your free small cup of yogurt, and then stop by the Children’s Place.

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