Target Wii Game Deal Update

I mentioned yesterday that you would need two computers to print the Wii coupons, but then found the coupon is in the Hot Coupon World Target coupon generator, so you can print unlimited numbers of the coupon.

I printed three more coupons and headed out to see what other Targets in my area had in stock. I found another six games at the Target in Addison (TX), but the cashier would only let me use two of the three coupons. That Target normally won’t let me use more than one like coupon in the same transaction so I hesitated to shop there, but they were the only store in my area that had Diego, Order Up and Spy Fox.

Here’s what I purchased:


Disney Sing It with Microphone ($24.98 – 50% off, found in clearance area)
Six Flags Fun Park ($19.99) – this game comes with a free Kids’ Admission to Six Flags good through 12/31/09 which is going to come in handy with the Six Flags tickets I won at a raffle!
GT Pro Series (car racing game) with steering wheel ($19.99)
Sonic and the Secret Rings ($19.99)
Cruise Ship Vacation Games ($19.99)
Wii Fit Plus ($19.99)

Total cost: $54.95 + tax (used 3 $10/2 Wii games Target coupons)


Spy Fox in Dry Cereal ($19.99)
Balloon Pop ($19.99)
Order Up ($19.99)
Build a Bear A Friend for All Seasons ($14.99)
The Littlest Pet Shop ($14.99)
Go Diego Go Safari Rescue ($14.99) – of all the games, my 5 year old loves this most even though she initially said she didn’t want it. I think because it’s easy for her to figure out.

Total cost: $49.96 + tax (used 2 $10/2 Wii games Target coupons since this Target wouldn’t let me use 3 coupons) Trade-In Option for Wii Games!!!

I did a little research before selecting games to make sure I wouldn’t find the games for less on or Ebay. In some cases, the games are less expensive online, but once you add the seller’s shipping cost, the price is on par or slightly higher for a used game.

While doing this research, I discovered an option for those of you who do not want to buy six games, but still want to take advantage of this great price. In addition to selling unwanted games on Ebay or, you can also trade them in for an gift card and avoid the hassle of listing them!

Just ship your video game(s) for FREE to Amazon, and they’ll deposit the funds into your account to use on a future purchase.

Several of the $19.99 games have trade-in values of $9.00 or more. If you can use three Target coupons to purchase six $19.99 games, then your price per game before tax will be $8.33. Those of you who live in Texas will break even once you factor in the 8.25% tax.


– Buy 6 Wii games at Target for $19.99 each (and be sure to select the games with $9.00+ trade-in values*)
– Use 3 Target $10/2 Wii Game coupons
– Pay $8.32+tax for each game
– Trade in games to

* Games I saw with trade-in values of $9.00 or more are: Wii Fit Plus ($11.25), Littlest Pet Shop ($10.00), Lego Star Wars & Lego Indiana Jones ($9.00), and Cooking Mama Cook-off ($9.00). Prices are likely based on demand so they could change at any time.

What’s also nice about the trade-in program is you can send used games!. If you get one of the games that has a trade-in value of $9.00 or more, you can try out the game and if you don’t like it, just trade it in for an gift card.

Learn more about the video game trade-in program.

2 Responses to “Target Wii Game Deal Update”

  1. November 6th, 2009 at 11:50 am

    Prathana says:

    Good offer to follow and very good information. Many thanks.


    # 1
  2. November 6th, 2009 at 4:50 pm

    Mandy says:

    Thanks for the great tip! I got 6 at Target last night and only spent $42 and I was SO EXCITED about it! 🙂

    # 2

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