Specific Carbohydrate Diet Pizza

After seeing lots of pizza boxes on stage at Giggle, Giggle, Quack on Saturday, I had a strong craving for a pizza. But pizza dough contains ingredients that are not permitted on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)*, and my daughter has a nut allergy, so no nut flours can be used. I had to get creative.

I found a round cake pan on clearance at Williams-Sonoma today (they’re currently having their annual summer clearance in stores and online), and decided I’d try to make a pizza using the pan. I wasn’t sure if it would cook the flourless bread, but it worked out just as well as my Pyrex dish (which I used the first time I made the bread).

Here’s how I made it…

For the “pizza dough”, I made the Nut-free, dairy-free bread for Stage 1 recipe on Pecanbread.com.

I used my pressure cooker to get the well-cooked (aka over-cooked) vegetables that are required during early stages of the SCD. I pureed the cooked celery, onion, zucchini squash and carrots in my food processor and then pressed the water out through a strainer.

Once the pureed vegetables looked like a paste, I mixed them into the egg yolks and then folded that mixture into the egg whites.

I cut out a piece of parchment paper to fit the bottom of the cake pan, and poured in the mixture. I used the rest of the mixture to fill a rectangular pan of the bread.

Here’s where I think I made a mistake. About 12 minutes before the round bread was done, I took it out and added the tomato sauce (Pomi Italian strained tomatoes + Mutti Italian tomato paste + two cloves of garlic + Italian herbs) and cheese (Italian provolone + cheddar), and then continued cooking it. I added cooked hamburger when the pizza was done. Unfortunately, by taking out the bread 12 minutes early, it wasn’t cooked enough and it soaked up some of the tomato sauce, which made the bread taste soggy.

It wasn’t horrible, but I wasn’t satisfied, so I took a piece of the bread that I let cook the entire 40 minutes and put tomato sauce and cheese on top, and then cooked it at a higher temperature (350 instead of 300).

It was a little better – not nearly as soggy as the first attempt! In the future, I plan to bake the bread for the full 40 minutes and then raise the temperature to melt the cheese and heat the tomato sauce.

If you need a cake pan, the Williams-Sonoma one I purchased on clearance today is very nice quality and made in the USA! I almost missed it, because it wasn’t with the rest of the clearance/sale items, so if you stop by Williams-Sonoma, be sure to look all around the store.

* The Specific Carbohydrate Diet is a “diet” for people with certain medical conditions. We are following it to try to improve my daughter’s health.

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