Special Dallas-Area Email List

If you live in Dallas and enjoy attending arts-related activities (theatre, musicals, concerts, ballet, etc.) and you want to save some money, email me at susan {at} cravingthesavings {dot} com. I’ll send you the details on how to get on a special alert list that helps area arts organizations fill seats for events and performances that haven’t sold out.

They send out a few email alerts each week with available activities and details (cost, date, location). I’ve been to a symphony performance, a musical, a few theatrical performances, a ballet and an outdoor concert, all for a fraction of the cost.

A few notes…
— If you request tickets (usually $5-$20), you must show up because they’re counting on you to fill the seats. There is a cancellation policy, but it’s important to read all the details.
— You will be assigned seats, so if you want to sit somewhere specific, do not order tickets through this list. Every time I’ve gone to an event through this list, I’ve had excellent seats, but this will not always be the case.

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