Presto LeverEdge at Tuesday Morning

I saw the Presto LeverEdge at Tuesday Morning several months ago. I thought it looked like it might be useful, but then talked myself out of buying one because 1) I really had no particular need to cut hard items and 2) I don’t have room for more gadgets that I won’t use regularly.

Well, now that it’s fall and I have discovered some wonderful ways to prepare squash and pumpkin, I found that I became nervous whenever I had to cut open a butternut or spaghetti squash. The knife regularly slips and I had visions of slicing into my finger or worse.

So I decided to stop by Tuesday morning to see if they still had any of the Presto LeverEdge product in stock. They do!! Tuesday Morning sells them for $19.99. You can buy them on for $30 plus $10 shipping, so the Tuesday Morning price was 50% less!

I wasn’t sure if the product would work as advertised, but I decided it was worth a try. Tonight I cut into two butternut squash and a pumpkin and loved using this product! It is well worth the $20 for the peace of mind I had when cutting into the produce. The knife cannot come out once inserted in the vertical knife holder.

Presto LeverEdge

When cutting longer items, like butternut squash, the knife does not go all the way through. In fact, the end of the knife does not touch the cutting board. I needed to turn the squash upright to finish cutting through. This is a little inconvenient, but not annoying.

Presto LeverEdge

I was able to cut the tops off of the butternut squash using the LeverEdge, but I was not able to cut the top off of the pumpkin for some reason. I used a regular knife to cut off the top of the pumpkin, and then I used the LeverEdge to cut the pumpkin in half.

Presto LeverEdge

The LeverEdge folds for storage. I wish there was a place to store the knives and blade protector though.

Presto LeverEdge
Presto LeverEdge

You can watch a video of this product on the site.

If you plan to prepare squash or pumpkin recipes or you slice bread regularly and worry about knife slippage, look for this product at Tuesday Morning and save yourself the anxiety!

Note: I received no form of compensation for this post. I am sharing my opinion on this product because I like it and will be using it a lot this fall, and I found it at a good price!

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