New registrations now being accepted at Stanford’s GSB Behavioral Lab

Stanford's GSB Behavioral Lab

Approximately a year ago, I signed up to participate in online research studies with Stanford’s Graduate School of Business’ Behavioral Lab.

Whenever I have logged in to participate, there has been a note stating they weren’t accepting new registrations. But tonight I noticed they are now accepting new participants!

If you like to participate in research studies and occasionally make a little money, be sure to sign up here. I don’t know how long this will stay open, so if you’re interested, act quickly.

All studies are online and usually take 10-20 minutes to complete.

Some are paid (usually $5-$15 gift cards), but most (in my experience) are not. The unpaid studies have gift card giveaways and usually list what your chances are of winning (e.g. 1 in 4 will win a $20 gift card).

The paid studies tend to fill up quickly. By the time I receive the email announcement about new studies (usually late afternoon), it’s too late to participate, so I highly recommend logging in by lunchtime each day to see if there are any new studies posted.

The GSB Behavioral Lab recently sent out an email to participants stating they were shutting down some accounts due to high participation and the possibility of these individuals’ answers not being entirely genuine. So… in order to stay in their database, it might be a good idea to not participate in too many unpaid studies. Also be aware that if you sign up for a study but do not complete it, it is still counted as a completed study in their system.

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