My Walmart Trip – 3/15

I went to Walmart to look for the free Iams kitten food that I’ve seen people write about on various blogs. But it was $7.98 a bag at both Walmarts I visited… nearly $2.00/bag more than Kroger’s every day price! So much for low prices at Walmart. As with every store, it pays to shop around.

I did get some free cat treats, cheap wet cat food and a free Rimmel mascara. Total cost: $1.98!

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara – FREE
Price: $6.47
Coupon: Free coupon from April 2009 All You Magazine – good at Walmart

If you don’t already subscribe to All You Magazine and you want some free mascara, this is a great time to pick up a copy at Walmart. Then be sure to subscribe. I noticed is running a special: 1-year subscription to All You Magazine between now and March 31 for $19.95 and get a $5 gift card good toward a future purchase. Or get a 2-year subscription to All You Magazine for $39.84 and get a $10 gift certificate.

Or for an even better deal, you can get a 2-year subscription for only $20 at Cherrydale.

Meow Mix Cat Treats – $0.03 overage per bag
Price: $0.97/bag
Coupon: $1.00/1 – 3/1 RP

Meow Mix Market Select Cat Food – $0.15/cup
Price: $0.48/cup
Coupon: $1.00/3 – 3/1 RP

In case anyone is wondering why I buy so much cat food, it’s because I have 4+ cat mouths to feed. I have two 11 year old indoor cats that I adopted about six years ago from Operation Kindness, two feral 15 month old cats that I trapped and fixed when they were less than 12 weeks old (they now call my backyard “home”) and the occasional visit from daddy and mommy feral cat.

Here are my feral kitties a year ago:

Aren’t they cute? I contacted Feral Friends to see if they could place them in a foster home, but unfortunately they didn’t have room and the vet thought they were past the point of being domesticated (typically by 12 weeks at the latest and they were 12 weeks when they were fixed). So I got the mom and two babies fixed so they couldn’t reproduce any more. I couldn’t catch the dad. He couldn’t be swayed by tuna.

And here they are now (photo taken through the window with the flash scaring the black kitty)…

The female was very skittish as a baby, but now lets me pet her. The male is a lot more skittish than he was as a baby, but loves to play with me through the window (along with his sister).

And my indoor cats…

Even though they have lived together their entire lives, they can’t stand each other!

One Response to “My Walmart Trip – 3/15”

  1. March 18th, 2009 at 8:45 pm

    Karen Holstein says:

    Your “outdoor cats” are soooooooo cute! Thanks for posting these pictures and for taking care of these little guys.

    I have 2 cats that I adopted. They are wonderful companions.

    If some of your readers are thinking about getting a cat, I hope they’ll consider adoption too.

    # 1

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