My Walgreens Trips – 9/27

I stopped by two Walgreens late Sunday to try to take advantage of some of the Register Reward (RR) deals in this week’s ad. I had a $5.00 RR from the One-A-Day promotion a few weeks ago.


Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion – $1.50 Money Maker (MM)
Oral B 123 Advantage toothbrush – $0.75 MM (some regions will be $1.00 MM)
Fusion Razor (not shown) – Supposed to be $1.01 MM, but I bought the wrong one. The Gamer was in the MVP display and I didn’t pay attention. I will return it. Make sure you get the MVP one!
Ghiradelli 3 oz chocolate bar (not shown) – $0.65 (marked $1.19, but rang up $0.65) – used as a filler

I used:

– $5.00 RR
– $4.00/1 – Fusion Razor (9/27 PG)
– $0.75/1 – Oral-B (9/27 PG)
– $1.50/1 – Vaseline Lotion (printable)
– $11.24 cash

I received

$7.00 RR for the Vaseline
$3.00 RR for the Oral B
I was supposed to get $6 RR for the razor had I gotten the right one. The Gamer is $10.99, so I will have spent $0.25 once I get my refund.


Robitussin DM To Go 2 pack – FREE
Dentek 32 pack floss picks – $1.00 MM
Chapstick Fresh Effects – FREE
Halls Refresh – FREE

I was also going to get the Emergen-C 2.5 oz pack, but the cashier told me I couldn’t use two Register Rewards in one transaction. I had two more products than I had coupons, so I tried to explain it was okay, but he insisted that any other cashier that allowed it was wrong. I sent an email to corporate and got a cryptic reply back. I am still working on that with them. I put the Emergen-C back.

I used:

– $7.00 RR from lotion purchase
– $1.00/1 Dentek floss picks printable
– $0.48 cash

I received:

$2.50 RR for Robitussin
$2.00 RR for Dentek
$3.00 RR for Chapstick
$1.00 RR for Halls

Be sure to check IHeartWags for the October monthly Register Rewards and this week’s Register Rewards, and print this $5 off $25 coupon to use on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. The coupon is $5 off your transaction of $25 or more AFTER all coupons have been used. Check out some possible scenarios at Hot Coupon World.

Keep in mind that not all stores will have all items in stock. One of my stores had only a few items (hence the small first transaction), but the second store had a full end cap display at the front of the store with all the products together. I love when I see that!

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