My Walgreens Trip (7/31)

I stopped by Walgreens to get Photo Stamps ($6.11 each) and found two in the photo department (more on my experience creating stamps can be found toward the end of this post). I also picked up a Petquarium with two fish ($1.69) and 15 packages of stickers for my daughter’s birthday party favor bags ($0.30 each).

I then went to another Walgreens to kill some time before my daughter got out of camp and found that the pool and summer/seasonal items were 75% off! They were just starting to mark everything so when I checked out, the prices rang up incorrectly. Once that was straightened out, I was able to use the 15% off coupon to purchase a bunch of toys.

Spent: $15.08
Saved: $54.29

I got:

20″ Swim Ring – $0.49
Water Squirter – $0.49
Float Lounge – $3.18
Table Top Ping Pong game – $1.27 (because I need another distraction at work)
Dive Sticks – $0.84
Floating Bubble Chair – $2.12
Kid’s Baseball Glove and Ball (pink) – $1.27
Slalom Pool Hoops – $4.41

Photo Stamps
I purchased two boxes and went through the process of ordering stamps when I got home. Here’s what I did:

1) Installed the CD and found you really don’t need it. They would have been better off using gift cards you can scratch off.
2) Went to UPromise and searched for Clicked the link in case and read the fine print – no $8 is credited unless you spend money. I noted the free shipping code.
3) Uploaded a photo at and designed the stamp.
4) Entered the code from the Photostamps CD package and the free shipping code from UPromise.
5) Checked out – no credit card required!

I tried again with my second box. I realized that the first box included the shipping & handling charges (I missed the “free shipping” mention on the front of the box) so I had a credit of $2.99 from using the free s&h code. I got a bit confused because the site shows the s&h options unless you enter the free code from UPromise, and I thought I was going to be charged for it.

I read through the comments at Common Sense with Money and Mercedes said that people are getting the $8 credited to their UPromise accounts. We’ll see if it comes through. Someone else suggested going through MyPoints, which would be a great alternative if they’ll really credit 1000 points to the account!

The Coupon High left a comment on on this previous post that you can also get $8 cash back through Coupon Cactus. You need $10 in your account to get the cash back, so you’d need to do two boxes of Photo Stamps.

This deal seems way too good to be true so I’m not going to count on getting cash back without spending any money in the transaction, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Here’s the breakdown:
$6.11 x 2 packages + $1.01 (tax on two boxes) = $13.23/40 stamps = ~$0.33 per stamp (a savings of ~ $0.11 per stamp)

3 Responses to “My Walgreens Trip (7/31)”

  1. July 31st, 2009 at 7:40 pm

    zm says:

    Where are you seeing the fine print that says you have to spend money?

    Note from Susan:
    I looked at the pop-up when you click the link to get the $8 and saw the very light gray note about the additional 1% you can get with the UPromise credit card and saw something about Terms & Conditions. So I looked for Terms & Conditions to see what I could find. This is what I looked at:

    These items in particular make me think this might not work (though I may be wrong!):
    – Your college contributions from online retailers are based on your net purchase price, generally excluding taxes and shipping and handling, as well as any special services such as gift wrapping.
    – In general, contributions will not be made for any portion of your purchase paid for with coupons, store credit, online currency, or gift certificates.

    I’m giving it a try just in case it does work.

    # 1
  2. July 31st, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    zm says:

    Thanks for the extra info, guess I will just wait for my two orders I have done so far to see what happens!

    # 2
  3. August 3rd, 2009 at 12:00 am

    Mommy-Wise says:

    Keep up the good work!

    # 3

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