My Target Trip (non-Wii game purchases) – 11/5

While making my Wii game purchases, I also checked out the Halloween clearance at Target. Halloween candy is marked down by 50%, but everything else is 75% off. I purchased the following:

Pumpkin short-sleeved t-shirt (kid’s) – $1.24
Halloween long-sleeved t-shirt (adult) – $2.00
Polka dot leggings (kid’s) – $1.49 (these can be worn any time – does not have Halloween theme on them)
Glow in the Dark ghost pillow case – $1.24
Pumpkin Carving Kit – $0.99
Fright Light Pumpkin Decorating Kit – $0.99
Halloween-themed dish towels (2) – $1.25 each (these were 50% off so I’m going to take them back and see why they weren’t 75% off)
8 piece Wilton cookie cutter set – $1.49

They had tons of costumes, candy bowls, both paper and plastic bowls, plates and cups, napkins, goody bag items (pencils, erasers, toys, stickers, etc.), and more.

I also found some kitchen gadgets on clearance for 50% off:

Michael Graves pizza cutter – $4.34
Jar opener – $3.62

They also had the Michael Graves measuring cups and spoons on clearance. I have both already and love them.

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