Kroger 75% off seasonal items (includes toys & games!) & Target toy clearance

Kroger 75% off

I stopped by two Kroger stores in Dallas today and they both had their seasonal merchandise at 75% off. There wasn’t much as far as “seasonal” merchandise but there were lots of games and toys. Tons of Zhu Zhu pets accessories and a few Zhu Zhu pets as well as several board games and activities. Board games included Scrabble, Blokus, Trouble, Monopoly, Connect 4 and Sorry.

As I was checking out, a cashier approached me at the self-checkout and said that 75% off should have come off the lower price (listed on the yellow tag) instead of the original price. I don’t think this is correct, but she insisted (and she works at the Customer Service desk). She had clocked out for the day and the new cashier was not sure what to do to refund my money, so the Customer Service desk employee told me to return tomorrow to get money back.

I bet a lot of the Zhu Zhu pet items will still be around for when items go to 90% off, but the board games and Crayola glow-in-the-dark toy were going quickly.

Also, the semi-annual Target toy clearance process has begun. I saw a lot of toys that had been marked down to 30-50%. We should be hearing about their 75% off sale soon. Last year, I posted about it on January 16.

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