HammerMill CopyPlus Copy Paper – Moneymaker at Staples

I just noticed in Sunday’s SmartSource insert that there’s a $2.00/1 coupon for HammerMill CopyPlus Paper. It’s on sale for $0.50 this week at Staples (after EasyRebate), so this becomes a moneymaker with the insert coupon. There is a limit of two per household.

There’s also a $5.00/$50.00 coupon at the Staples Website that you can print to use at the store.

Luv a Bargain has a scenario where you can get several items at Staples for $1.54 after rebates and coupons. With the HammerMill coupon, it looks like you can get everything for free and some overage (after rebates).

I just got a Staples rebate card in the mail on Friday, so I plan to use that to pay for my purchases!

I have been working on client stuff and it’s late, so I haven’t carefully checked this deal. Please double check it before you head to Staples. If you notice anything I’m missing or you have a scenario you’d like to share, please let me know!

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