Free/cheap bowling this summer

I received an email today about free bowling for children this summer. Since it gets so hot in Dallas (the temperature was in the mid-90’s today), I jumped on the opportunity to do a free indoor activity with my daughter.

Then I read that for a one-time fee of $23.95, up to four adults can bowl two games when my daughter bowls. The Web site states that if you bowl daily, this is a $1500 value. I doubt we’ll drive to Plano daily, but after four games, the bowling will become free for the rest of the promotion. In Plano, the promo runs from May 1 – October 31.

Shoe rentals are not included at the Plano location (though I think it varies by location, so be sure to check yours). I’m going to look for some gently used or cheap new ones since the rental cost will add up quickly.

Learn more here.

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