Five Birthday Celebrations for my 5 year old

My daughter turned five this week and she’s getting five birthday celebrations. This was totally unplanned!

Celebration 1: Dinner at Rain Forest Cafe
The birthday celebrations started Sunday night with dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe – something we had planned to do last year, but my daughter got sick. One of my sisters was in town and had to leave on my daughter’s birthday, so we had the dinner early.

Thanks go to Lea Ann at Mommy’s Wish List for posting the Rain Forest Cafe friends & family $10 off $25 coupon, which came in handy since the food isn’t cheap.

Celebration 2: Pei Wei and Presents at Grandma & Grandpa’s
On Monday night, we ordered takeout from Pei Wei and ate at my parents’ house. This time, my daughter got to open a few presents early. Did you know you can get 25% off your meal at Pei Wei when you place your order online for the first time?

Celebration 3: Cake & More Presents at Home
Tuesday night was my daughter’s actual birthday. We drove my sister to the airport and then had dinner with my parents again, but this time at my house. My daughter got to open her presents and we had cake

Celebration 4: Opening Night at the Circus
On Wednesday night, we piled into my parents’ car and headed to the American Airlines arena for the opening night of the Ringling Bros. circus, thanks to MomCentral.

My daughter was especially excited to get cotton candy, so after walking around the pre-show for a little bit, we settled in our seats and got her some, which came with a hat.

Unfortunately she was exhausted from the busy week (she’s also at day camp this week), so she was a bit restless. Between her moving around and the little guy behind me who kept kicking me in the head and letting out eardrum-piercing screams, it was difficult to fully pay attention to the circus. I highly recommend if you take a small child to the circus that you pick an earlier show or make sure the child has taken a nap (which unfortunately didn’t happen at our house).

Our favorite acts were the motorcyclists (both in the Globe of Steel and on the high wire), the stilts walker, the acrobats and the trapeze artists. The dogs were cute too. And there was an unexpected visit by a porcupine which got my daughter’s attention.

If you are sensitive to loud noise, I recommend taking a pair of ear plugs. The noise level didn’t bother me, but really bothered my father.

I had the opportunity to meet Allison and her family who won the tickets that I gave away last month. I also briefly saw Rachel from Surviving the Stores, but unfortunately I missed Hollie at Happy Couponing, Amy at Amy Loves It, Donna at Way More Homemade, Stephanie at Couponing 101, Dwan at and Alyssa at Kingdom First Mom who were also there.

I checked the Ringling Bros’ Website before heading to the AA Arena and read that still photos were prohibited for commercial use (but I didn’t see the “commercial use” part), so I left my camera at home. Once we got there, I noticed a sign that stated only videos were prohibited. So… I took a few photos with my phone camera, but they didn’t turn out too well (as you can see). If you go, take your camera!

If you’re thinking about going to the circus, check out my past post about the discount provided by

Celebration 5: Pump It Up?
I haven’t scheduled the fifth celebration yet, but it will be her “friend party.” We’re thinking Pump It Up, but I’ve had a difficult time trying to figure out packages because I don’t know who is in town and who will be on vacation. I hate to overpay, but also don’t want to end up paying more because I under-estimated the numbers.

I’ll spend this week finalizing the plans so we can wrap up this birthday celebration marathon!

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