DFW Grocery Deals until 5/19 or 5/20

I posted my Tom Thumb (Safeway) trip with some additional deals. Here are the other deals I see that are good until Tuesday (or Wednesday for Sprouts):

Cherries – $2.49/lb
Blackberries – $0.99/lb
Yellow Peaches or Apricots – $1.99/lb
Cluster Tomatoes – $0.99/lb
Yellow Corn – 5/$1.00

Boneless, skinless chicken breast – $1.88/lb

Annie’s Homegrown Shells & Cheese – $1.25 each
There are coupon mailers out there. I don’t have one, but wanted to list this in case you do. I think $1.25 a box without a coupon is still a decent price, but I haven’t purchased these since I started using coupons so I’m not sure.

Weber Grill Creations Marinade Packet (1.12 oz) – FREE
Price: $0.99
Coupon: $0.50/1 – 5/17 SS (three coupons will double at most Kroger stores)

Hot House Tomatoes on the Vine – $0.97/lb

Vitamin Water (20 oz) – FREE
Price: $1.00
Coupon: $1.00/1 – 4/5 SS

Dial Hand Soap – FREE
Price: $1.00
Coupon: $0.35/1 – 5/17 SS

Nestle Flipz Chocolate or Fudge Covered Pretzels (5 oz) – $0.25
Price: 8/$10
Coupon: $0.50/1 – 4/5 SS (most Albertsons will double/triple up to four coupons)

Albertsons String Cheese – $0.10 each (limit 10)
Price: $0.25/each
Coupon: Albertsons ad

Not seeing much of interest again this week.

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