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Tom Thumb, Kroger & Albertsons – 1/18



Pounce Cat Treats, 2.1 oz: $0.25 (10 for $10, used $0.75 RP 12/7)
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers, 6.6-8 oz (2): $2.00 (10 for $10) – didn’t know about Kroger’s mega sale next week, otherwise I would have waited a few days)
Grape Tomatos (2): $3.99 (b1g1 free)
Blueberries (2): $2.98
Blackberries (2): $2.98

PAID: $12.00



Cottonelle 4 pk (2): $0.38 total (used 2 internet printables)
SoBe Life Water (3): $0.00 (used 3 tag coupons hanging on bottles)
Quaker Rice Cakes (1): $0.00 (used $1 coupon from 1/18 RP)
McCormick Taco Seasoning Mix (2): $0.68 total (used $0.25/2 coupon from 1/18 RP)
Raspberry Lemonade Blast Blistex Lip Balm (1): $0.04 (used $0.35 coupon from 1/18 SS)
Haas Large Avocados (5): $5.00

PAID: $7.22



Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-ups (10): $11.00 (used $0.50/2 coupons from 1/4 SS) – one coupon didn’t scan, so this should have been $10.
Albertsons Sour Cream 8oz (2): $1.00

Why so many fruit roll-ups? I wanted to take advantage of the buy $20 worth of certain items, get $5 off instantly. I also was hoping to win one of the $5 gift cards inside the boxes, but unfortunately they’re all “try again”. I did win one the last time they did this promo.

PAID: $12.00

CVS & Walmart

On the way to a 2 hour focus group on the topic of traveling to San Antonio, I stopped in a CVS to see if they had the Febreeze Spice scented candles. They are on sale for $0.79 (an unmarked sale of 90% off). There are $2 off coupons in the Procter & Gamble 12/14 insert. Sure enough, the CVS had 10 of them! I put four in my basket and then noticed the Christmas items were 90% off too and they had quite a few items left. I decided to get the candles and use the overage from the coupons to buy some Christmas wrapping paper and other items. I also wanted to roll some Extra Care Bucks (ECBs), so I got some weight loss gum (free after ECB) and Soy Joys (free after ECB). Unfortunately the cashier noticed the coupons were worth more than the candle’s sale price and wouldn’t let me use them. I’ve never had that problem before, so I asked her to remove the candles and I kept my coupons. I will try again!

Poseable Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer (1)Paid: $0.79 (regularly $7.90 – and the nose really lights up!)

Christmas Wrapping Paper (2)Paid: $1.28 total ($0.59 each – regularly $5.90 each)

Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Tea (4)Paid: $1.56 ($0.35 each – regularly $3.50 each)

Soy Joy 6 packs (3)Paid: $0.00 after ECBs
Cost: $6.00 each
ECBs Earned: $6.00/box

Nutra-Trim GumPaid: $0.00 after ECBs
Cost: $3.99
ECBs Earned: $3.99

Reinventing Beauty CVS MagazinePaid: $0.99
This magazine includes coupons that usually can be used to get free products (after ECBs) at CVS. Sometimes you can find sheets of these coupons in the beauty product aisle that are free.

PAID: $25.97 in ECBs and $0.38 cash
ECBs Earned: $21.99
Today I Saved: $62.00


After the focus group, I went to Walmart where cat food is rumored to be on sale. Now that we have four cats to feed (two ferals, two indoor), I always love a cat food bargain! Unfortunately the Goodlife bags were not on sale as posted on various websites, but I was able to use a coupon for a free bag of Iams and use a $2 off coupon for Goodlife. So I paid $2.13 for two bags of cat food. Had the Goodlife been on sale, I would have paid $0.33, but $2.13 is not too shabby!

UPDATE: I found $3/1 coupons for Iams Naturals and was able to buy eight bags that were on sale at Walmart for $3.30/bag, so I paid $2.40+tax for eight nice-sized bags!!

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