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Toys ‘R Us 10% back for Rewards ‘R Us members through 12/24

Toys R Us promotion - 10% back for Rewards Members

If you’re a member of the Toys ‘R Us rewards program, be sure to use your card whenever you make purchases in stores and online from now until December 24. You will receive 10% ‘R Us Dollars (up to $50) that you can use to buy more items at Toy ‘R Us or Babies ‘R Us.

If you’re not a member, enroll for free.

Be sure to check all the exclusions

Another benefit of being a Rewards ‘R Us member is hassle-free returns! As long as you scanned your card at the time of your purchase, you can present your Rewards ‘R Us card and the product(s) without a receipt to get your money back.

Coupon: Big Lots – 20% off (10/6-10/9)

Big Lots has a coupon for BuzzClub Rewards members that is good for 20% off your entire purchase from Wednesday through Saturday this week!

If you’re not a member, sign up for free.

Print your coupon.

The Christmas Tree Shops are now in Dallas & 20% off coupon

I have fun memories of going to the Christmas Tree Shops with my grandmother, mom, and aunts when I was younger whenever we visited Massachusetts and Rhode Island, so I was excited to see a billboard announcing the store would be opening near the Galleria Mall this fall. I have been waiting to hear exactly when it would open.

Then, yesterday, when I was at Bed Bath and Beyond on Park Lane in Dallas, I noticed an ad sitting at the checkout for the Christmas Tree Shops. On the back of the flyer, there is a coupon for 20% off your entire purchase. I hadn’t seen anything about it opening!

I stopped by the store, which is in the old Home Depot Expo shopping center on the Dallas Tollway, next to Bed Bath and Beyond and Buy Buy Baby. It was a lot larger than the east coast stores I remember…. very apparent that the company is now owned by Bed Bath and Beyond.

I didn’t have a lot of time to spend at the store, so I did a quick run through the store and picked up a 28 Keurig k-cup holder for less than $6. There were a few other items that looked interesting – especially at 20% off. They sell holiday decorations, furniture, kitchen items, toys, bath items, food, home decor and many other items.

The 20% off coupon is good until late October, so be sure to stop by Bed Bath and Beyond to pick one up before you go.

Not in Dallas? The Christmas Tree Shops are also opening new locations soon in Lancaster, PA, Greensboro, NC and Augusta, GA.

See the weekly ad.

Natural Grocers: Organic Pears $0.99/lb., Whole Foods: Organic Apples & Grapes on sale

There is a new Natural Grocer at Preston/Forest in Dallas (where Whole Foods used to be before it moved across the street).

I haven’t shopped there much because their produce section at the Coit Road location is pretty small, but I was thrilled to see they have organic Northwest pears on sale through October 30 (while supplies last) for $0.99/lb.

It looks like this sale price is good at all their locations.

Whole Foods has organic Jonagold apples on sale through Wednesday for $1.69/lb and organic seedless grapes for $1.49/lb. Both come from California.

DFW & Houston Readers: Calloway’s & Cornelius Nurseries – save 30% or more (9/4)

On Saturday, September 4, all Dallas/Fort Worth Calloway’s and Houston Cornelius Nurseries will have everything in the store on sale for 30% off or more. The stores will be open from 7AM to 7PM for this event.

Get more details about the Dawn ’til Dusk sale.

Local Readers: Toy Maven Sale 10-90% off

If you live near Preston and Royal in Dallas and are in the market for discounted seasonal toys, stop by the Toy Maven now through Sunday, August 22.

They are having a “huge tent sale” with 10-90% off seasonal merchandise including pool toys, beach towels and bags, sand and outdoor toys, games, puzzles and books. They are also having surprise sales and savings every day with special daily markdowns. I heard about this through my neighborhood moms’ group and haven’t been over to check out the sale yet.

You can “Like” Toy Maven on Facebook to be notified of additional special in-store deals.

Specific Carbohydrate Diet Pizza

After seeing lots of pizza boxes on stage at Giggle, Giggle, Quack on Saturday, I had a strong craving for a pizza. But pizza dough contains ingredients that are not permitted on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)*, and my daughter has a nut allergy, so no nut flours can be used. I had to get creative.

I found a round cake pan on clearance at Williams-Sonoma today (they’re currently having their annual summer clearance in stores and online), and decided I’d try to make a pizza using the pan. I wasn’t sure if it would cook the flourless bread, but it worked out just as well as my Pyrex dish (which I used the first time I made the bread).

Here’s how I made it…

For the “pizza dough”, I made the Nut-free, dairy-free bread for Stage 1 recipe on

I used my pressure cooker to get the well-cooked (aka over-cooked) vegetables that are required during early stages of the SCD. I pureed the cooked celery, onion, zucchini squash and carrots in my food processor and then pressed the water out through a strainer.

Once the pureed vegetables looked like a paste, I mixed them into the egg yolks and then folded that mixture into the egg whites.

I cut out a piece of parchment paper to fit the bottom of the cake pan, and poured in the mixture. I used the rest of the mixture to fill a rectangular pan of the bread.

Here’s where I think I made a mistake. About 12 minutes before the round bread was done, I took it out and added the tomato sauce (Pomi Italian strained tomatoes + Mutti Italian tomato paste + two cloves of garlic + Italian herbs) and cheese (Italian provolone + cheddar), and then continued cooking it. I added cooked hamburger when the pizza was done. Unfortunately, by taking out the bread 12 minutes early, it wasn’t cooked enough and it soaked up some of the tomato sauce, which made the bread taste soggy.

It wasn’t horrible, but I wasn’t satisfied, so I took a piece of the bread that I let cook the entire 40 minutes and put tomato sauce and cheese on top, and then cooked it at a higher temperature (350 instead of 300).

It was a little better – not nearly as soggy as the first attempt! In the future, I plan to bake the bread for the full 40 minutes and then raise the temperature to melt the cheese and heat the tomato sauce.

If you need a cake pan, the Williams-Sonoma one I purchased on clearance today is very nice quality and made in the USA! I almost missed it, because it wasn’t with the rest of the clearance/sale items, so if you stop by Williams-Sonoma, be sure to look all around the store.

* The Specific Carbohydrate Diet is a “diet” for people with certain medical conditions. We are following it to try to improve my daughter’s health.

20% off coupon at Big Lots & Target Toy Clearance

Get 20% off your entire purchase at Big Lots all day on Sunday (July 18) using this coupon.

I haven’t been to Big Lots much lately because I found their prices to not be all that competitive. But occasionally I stop in and find something interesting. A few weeks ago I found a kitchen cart that looked interesting. I need a kitchen cart because I’m running out of space to keep gadgets and prep foods, but I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars. Big Lots had them for around $130, but the store I visited had an “as-is” one for under $100. I couldn’t see any major defects except a small scratch. With the 20% off coupon, it would be a great deal, but I’m still thinking about custom building one if I can get the materials cheap enough!

To stay in the loop about Big Lots deals, join their Buzz Club Rewards program.

On a separate note, Target has started putting toys on sale. They are 30% off at stores near me and should move to 50% off in the next 1-2 weeks and then to 75% off. I will post an update when they hit 75% off. The good stuff goes quickly so keep an eye out for updates!

I want to add that I love Target. Not only have I gotten some great deals from end cap sales, but I have been able to take my daughter to free and cheap Dallas Children’s Theater performances thanks to Target’s ongoing contributions to the Theater.

They contribute a lot of money each week to community organizations, which I think is wonderful! The Giggle, Giggle, Quack performance on Saturday was wonderful and we would not have been able to go if it weren’t for Target’s free arts’ events this weekend. So, thank you, Target!

Price Comparison (DFW): Produce & Some Meat, Dairy & Nuts – week of 7/14/10

Cheap Peaches & Nectarines
If you are looking for cheap US-grown peaches and nectarines, today is the last day to get them for $0.47/lb at Newflower Farmers Market. The store is located at 1800 N. Henderson Avenue, north of downtown Dallas. I purchased several pounds of their peaches a few days ago.

They are not nearly as good as the Texas-grown peaches I purchased at Central Market for $1.50/lb, but they’re fine for making peach sorbet and sauces!

Speaking of Texas-grown peaches, the man who did the Williams-Sonoma technique class last weekend raved about Ham Orchard peaches. My daughter and I are planning a trip to Terrell to check it out. I’ll let you know what we find!

Best Price on Organic Fuji Apples
I am only buying organic apples these days, and the prices usually range from $1.99-2.49/lb. I have found that my apple peeler/corer/slicer consistently works the best with Fuji apples and had been paying $2.49/lb for these apples at Whole Foods and Central Market.

Last week, I found that Super Target sells them for $1.99/lb! Target does not have a huge quantity of these apples, and I only found a few that I felt were still worth buying, but given the amount of apples I buy each week, a $0.50/lb savings is huge!

I use the apples to make applesauce (which we eat as is, and also in recipes) and baked apples. I have also started juicing apples since no commercial apple juices are “legal” on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

Have you heard?
Roy’s Natural Market is closing in early August. The store is located at Preston/Royal in Dallas. From now until July 16, visit the store between 2-4PM to wish Roy a happy retirement, get discounts and register to win prizes.

Now on to the produce comparison document for the week of July 14…

Here’s what I am thinking about buying this week:


– Welch’s 100% Grape Juice 64 oz – $1.49 ea (use $1.00/1 printable coupon and must buy 10 participating items in mega sale – I may buy batteries). I printed the coupon last week, so I’m not sure if it is still available.
– Hass Avocados (small) – $0.50 ea

Newflower Farmers Market

– Apricots (US Grown) – $0.88/lb
– Blueberries (US Grown) – $0.88/pint
– Peaches (US Grown – 7/14 only) – $0.47/lb
– Seedless Watermelon – $0.19/lb (they weigh around 10 lbs)
– Celery (Organic) – $0.99 ea
– Chard & Kale (Organic) – $1.50/bunch
– Cashews, unsalted or raw – $4.99/lb
– Yellow Cheddar – $2.99/lb


– Seedless Watermelon – $1.49 ea (if cheaper than Newflower Farmers Market)
– Almonds, unsalted/raw – $4.99/lb

Download the full comparison (PDF format). It covers the DFW-area following stores:

Central Market
Market Street
Sunflower Market
Tom Thumb
Whole Foods

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Produce Price Comparison for week of 6/30 (DFW)

Download this week’s produce price comparison document (PDF). It covers advertised prices for conventional and organic produce at the following stores:

Central Market
Market Street
Sunflower Market
Tom Thumb
Whole Foods

I will be posting about my kale chip experiment soon. I have read and heard many good things about kale chips, so when I saw the organic kale is $1.50/bunch this week at New Flower Market, I decided to get some. I have two “recipes” – one that you can make in the oven and one that you can make in a dehydrator. I tried the oven method today and think I over oiled them, but some were good. I am going to try the dehydrator method on Sunday and will post a comparison with photos.

When another mother and I met with a Dallas-area Whole Foods store ambassador about food allergies a few weeks ago, she gave us a tour of the produce area. She told us about all the health benefits of kale (better than spinach, she said), and she gave us a small piece to try. It was interesting, but not something I would eat raw very regularly. The kale chips were much more tolerable. Best of all, my daughter LOVED them.

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