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Review: Norah Jones’ Latest Album …Featuring

Norah Jones....Featuring album

In case you didn’t hear – Norah Jones’ latest album …Featuring was released two weeks ago on November 16.

Whenever Norah Jones’ song “Don’t Know Why” comes on the radio, I turn it up. I love that song! So when One2One Network asked me if I’d like to review a copy of …Featuring, I didn’t have to think too long about whether or not to do it.

This album includes 18 songs where Ms. Jones collaborated with such artists as Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, the Foo Fighters, Ryan Adams, Herbie Hancock and Outkast…. quite a variety! Yet, despite the variety of styles of the artists and songs on this album, I thought it flowed rather nicely.

The 18 songs represent some of the multi-Grammy Award winning singer’s musical collaborations from the past decade.

Little trivia tidbit for DFW readers: Did you know Norah Jones grew up in Grapevine, Texas, attended Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas and the University of North Texas before her career took off?

My favorite songs on this album are:

– Love Me
– Virginia Moon
– Bullrider
– Life is Better
– The Best Part
– Here We Go Again

Want to learn more? Visit these sites:

Official Website – Watch video vignettes of 15 of the collaborations!
Facebook Fan Page

Buy …Featuring Norah Jones for only $7.99 on and get a $5.00 promotional code for Amazon Video on Demand (limited time promotion).

Disclosure: I received a copy of …Featuring from One2One Network in exchange for this review and I am entered to win one of five $50 gift cards. All opinions of the album are mine. Your opinion may differ, so please listen to the sample songs on before purchasing the album!

Review & Giveaway: PretonSaver Ink Saver Software – 4 winners (12/9)

PretonSaver Printer Ink Saver Software

I am embarrassed by how long it has taken me to write this review and post the giveaway, but on the positive side, I have had a lot of time to try out the software!

PretonSaver is a ink saver software program that allows you to not only save money on printer ink but also help the environment because it promotes “green printing“.

If you use your printer regularly like I do to print coupons, rebates, and other documents, PretonSaver will help you save money on ink while you print to save money on other items!

My Experience
In October, I participated in a Just Between Friends (JBF) consignment sale and had to print around fifty pages of tags on card stock. My black ink cartridge had been low for about a month, but I didn’t change it because I wasn’t printing too often.

I waited until the last minute to print my tags and had no replacement ink in the house. I used this opportunity to see if PrestonSaver could help me get all the tags printed so they were still legible enough to be scanned/read at the sale.

I’m happy to report I was able to successfully print all 50 pages of tags, and I continued to use the black printer ink cartridge for another month before having to change it. While the quality wasn’t great, it was decent – especially knowing the ink cartridge was almost out of ink. I felt like I really stretched the life out of that cartridge.

Once I changed the ink cartridge, I tried the PretonSaver program again and could not tell a difference in the print quality unless I changed the savings percentage to the maximum 70% savings.

I have a bag full of ink cartridges that I need to take somewhere to recycle. I am hopeful I will no longer have such a full bag of cartridges now that I am using PretonSaver whenever I print.

The only minor annoyance I found was that each time I printed something, the box (shown above) would pop up and ask me to select a quality percentage before I could print. I thought it would be nice if I could click a ‘do not show this’ box and keep all printing at default of 35%. I just realized this option does exist, but you have to right-click on the Preton icon in the lower right corner of your browser and unclick the “Prompt before Printing” option. I would love to see this on the pop-up itself, but I understand why it is not there.

Some highlights:

– Have a document with images and text, but only want the text? Click “Print text only” to remove the images during printing.
– The default setting of 35% will generally give you the best savings/quality.
– You can adjust the slider with each document you print. The slider provides a recommended scale so you know where to set it for photos, text, email, etc. for maximum savings and quality.
Since starting to use the software in September, PretonSaver estimates that I have saved $67.51 in ink costs by using the program, with an annual savings prediction of more than $270.
– Each time I print, I see a summary in the bottom right of my screen that looks like this:

PretonSaver Printer Ink Saver Software

The features and system requirements listed on the PretonSaver Website include:


– Reduces consumable spending by up to 50%
– Easy to install and manage – start saving with just a few clicks
– Comprehensive reporting on cost and usage
– Supports Inkjet and LaserJet printers
– Color and mono, local and network printers
– Supports Windows, Win XP SP2 and up, Win Vista and Win 7

System Requirements:

– Windows® XP SP2 and up, Vista or Windows® 7
– 32 and 64 bit Operating Systems
– .NET 2 SP1 and up (relevant for Win XP)
– At least 20MB of available hard drive space
– Internet Connection

Download a free, 30-day trial (Black Friday through Cyber Sunday sale so this would only be valid on 11/28) or get a free, two week trial any other time, and test it out for yourself!

Buy It

You can buy a one year license to PretonSaver Home for $19.95 or a lifetime subscription for $34.95. They also have subscriptions for multiple computers and for office environments.

Win It

Preton gave me four, one year PretonSaver Home licenses to give away to four lucky readers!

Mandatory Entry

– Leave a comment letting me know why you want to win one of the licenses.

Optional Additional Entries:
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– Ends at 11:59 PM Central on Thursday, December 9, 2010. I will use to select the winner.
– The winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email or I will select a new winner.
– Open to residents worldwide.

Disclosure: I received a one year PretonSaver Home license and four to give away. All opinions are my own. The features and system requirements lists come directly from

Review & Giveaway: HoMedics Shiatsu Massage Pillow (12/6)

HoMedics Shiatsu Massaging Pillow Review & Giveaway

Before starting on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, I spent as little time as possible in the kitchen. Now I spend at least an hour each day, but sometimes six or seven hours, prepping, cooking and cleaning up afterward. My back often aches after standing for so long. So when HoMedics contacted me about hosting a review and giveaway for their Ultra Plush Shiatsu Massage Pillow, I quickly said yes!

HoMedics provided me with a code to use to order the product on their site. I found the order and checkout process to be very easy. You can get a shipping cost estimate before you enter all your personal information, which I love! Billing, shipping, payment and review information are all presented on one page so no need to click through multiple pages to place your order. The checkout process is very quick and easy-to-follow.

I received my pillow within days of ordering it and I was eager to put it to use on my achy back. I used it the night I received it after spending multiple hours prepping food. I think I was too eager because I didn’t bother to read the instructions and I used it for nearly an hour!

It felt so good on my back that I didn’t want to stop, so when it would automatically shut off, I immediately started it back up again. That was a big mistake as I had a few areas of sharp pain in my back the next day. I decided that I should probably take a look at the instructions. They clearly state not to use the product for more than 15 minutes at a time. Oops…

Now that I have read the product instructions and I am using the pillow properly, I love it. When I want a deeper massage, I turn on the heat and lift the flap. When I want a softer massage, I put the flap down. For an even softer massage, the instruction manual suggests putting a towel between your back and the pillow.

The product is meant for use on the the neck, shoulders and back. I have been using it primarily for my lower back – where the majority of back pain and tightness settles.

The product is portable, but it is corded, so it needs to be used near an electrical outlet. It is not meant for use in the car, and should not be used by children without supervision (my daughter is drawn to this pillow so we have had a few discussions about how it is not a toy).

Check out the Shiatsu Massage Pillow or other massage products from HoMedics.

Buy It

You can buy the pillow for $39.99 on the HoMedics Website or look for a retailer near you that carries the pillow by entering the product model number – SP-20H – and your zip code in the search form.

Win It

One lucky reader will win a HoMedics Ultra Plush Shiatsu Massage Pillow!

Mandatory Entry:

Visit the HoMedics Shiatsu Massage Pillow page and tell me what feature you like best

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– Ends at 11:59 PM Central on Monday, December 6, 2010. I will use to select the winner.
– The winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email or I will select a new winner.
– Open to residents of the US

Disclosure: I received a HoMedics Ultra Plush Shiatsu Massage Pillow to review and one to give away. All opinions are mine.

Review & Giveaway: Udderly Smooth Lotion (12/9)

Udderly Smooth Review & Giveaway

I have very dry elbows — so dry that my dermatologist prescribed a special cream because no lotion has helped. The same day she prescribed the cream, I received three Udderly Smooth products in the mail to review:

– Udderly Smooth Shea Butter Foot Cream
– Udderly Smooth Udder Cream
– Udderly Smooth Moisturizing Lotion with Vitamin E

I thought I would do an experiment by applying the Udderly Smooth Moisturizing Lotion to my right elbow and the prescription cream to my left elbow.

I have tried so many lotions from the very cheap to very expensive, but none have worked other than to provide temporary relief. If I forgot to re-apply them daily or even several times a day, my skin felt dry again. Because of my past experiences, I didn’t have high expectations for the Udderly Smooth lotion.

But guess what? I was pleasantly surprised by the Udderly Smooth lotion, and it has worked faster than the prescription cream. I could tell a difference in my skin’s appearance within the first few uses of the Udderly Smooth lotion.

This lotion makes me want to continue to use it — not just because it has left my elbow skin the softest it has been in a long time, but also because of the texture and scent. And I don’t feel the need to re-apply it many times a day like I do with some lotions.

Udderly Smooth was created more than 30 years ago by a pharmacist. It can be used from head to toe – yes, even as a facial moisturizer! I am glad I learned about this product before the winter months start because my hands get severely cracked with colder temperatures to the point where they bleed. If this lotion works as well on my hands as it has on my elbows, I expect quick relief or no cracking at all this winter.

What I like most about the Udderly Smooth products:

– Absorbs quickly
– Creamy texture that does not leave my skin feeling greasy
– Very light, pleasant scent. I am very sensitive to product fragrance to the point where I get a sore throat, runny eyes, etc. I try to avoid fragrance whenever possible. I experienced no sensitivity problems while using the Udderly Smooth products.
– Works quickly to moisturize my overly dry skin.
– Made in the USA
– Not tested on animals – other than the cows’ udders that it was originally formulated for!
– Affordable — products start at $2.99 and go to $8.75

The prices really surprised me. I was expecting them to be much higher!

There is nothing that I don’t like about the products I tried.

Buy Udderly Smooth Products

You can buy Udderly Smooth products on their Website or at many major retailers, including the 99 cent store!

Win Three Udderly Smooth Products

The folks at Redex Industries (makers of Udderly Smooth products) will send one lucky reader an assortment of their products (though likely not all of the products in the photo above). These would make great stocking stuffers or keep them for yourself!

Mandatory Entry:

– Leave one comment letting me know why you want to win these products.

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– Ends at 11:59 PM Central on Thursday, December 9, 2010. I will use to select the winner.
– The winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email or I will select a new winner.
– Open to residents of the US and Canada

Disclosure: I received the three Udderly Smooth products mentioned above for free using I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.

Holiday Blog Hop Giveaway – Opportunity for Five Bonus Entries

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful Thanksgiving!

In case you missed it…. buried at the bottom of my Food Mill Review is a chance to get five bonus entries in the upcoming Holiday Blog Hop giveaway, but you must leave a comment by November 28.

There are approximately 200 blogs participating in the Holiday Blog Hop and each blog will be hosting a giveaway(s) for either cash or gift cards! I will be giving away these gift cards to four winners:

– $25 Kroger gift card
– $25 gift card
– $25 AMEX gift card (sponsored by NAKANO rice vinegar)
– $10 gift card

If you would like to receive 5 bonus entries in the giveaway to win any of the above gift cards, leave a quick comment here telling me what your favorite kitchen gadget is. I will add your five bonus entries into the blog hop giveaway for you.

20% cash back from Discover on Purchases

20% cash back for Groupon purchases

If you have a Discover Card and plan to buy anything from, be sure to go through first to get a 20% cash back holiday bonus on your Groupon purchase!

And if you haven’t already signed up for double cash back on internet purchases, head over to and register your card. Once you sign up, you will receive 2% cash back on all Internet purchases (up to $1000) through the end of the year instead of 1%.

Don’t have a Discover Card? You can still earn cash back on your Groupon purchases by going through sites like (3%) or (8%).

My Favorite Road Trip: The Coast of Ireland – 1992

During my junior year of college, I studied in Toulouse, France where I lived for approximately 10 months. During each break, I took a road trip (or a train trip) to visit other areas of France, as well as other countries in Europe. One of those road trips was a week-long drive with my grandmother along the eastern, southern and western coasts of Ireland.

It was spring break and my grandmother flew alone to Dublin from Southern California. We met at the airport baggage area prior to going to the rental car office.

We decided prior to our arrival that I would drive since the Irish drive on the left side of the road. We agreed that if there was an issue, my reflexes might be better suited for quick action.

I planned out the entire trip – mapping out our stops at the traditional tourist hot spots as well as the lesser known areas along the route. I also selected the hotels, restaurants and rental car company. But there was one thing I forgot to do… check the minimum age requirements for renting cars in Ireland. I had just turned 21.

When we arrived at the car rental office, the employee informed us that I was too young to rent a car. He said he didn’t want to see two American women on the front page of the morning’s newspaper for causing a car accident “or worse”. I told him if he didn’t let me drive, then the chances would be much greater that he would see us in the paper. And with that, he allowed me to rent the car as long as I promised to drive slowly and cautiously.

Unfortunately before we even left Dublin, my grandmother became ill and did not feel like exiting the car at any of the stops except for one, but she insisted we still make the drive. So at each stop, I hopped out, took some photos and jumped back in the car so we could end the day early and she could rest. It was a good thing I was allowed to be the primary driver on the car or we may have been stuck in Dublin for the entire week!

Here’s a photo of my grandmother waiting in the car:

Ireland Road Trip

I do have a couple of photos of her outside of the car somewhere, but I am not sure where I put them.

Even though we did not get to spend much time at any of the stops, we did get to view the beautiful scenery that changed so dramatically as we drove south along the eastern coast from Dublin, along the southern coast and then up the western coast before heading back across the middle of Ireland to Dublin. One minute, the land was a lush green with lots of vegetation. The next, it was a barren field of rocks. And then almost as suddenly, the landscape changed yet again to rugged cliffs with crashing waves below.

Here are some photos from the trip:

Ireland Road Trip
Ireland Road Trip
Ireland Road Trip
Ireland Road Trip

We also received reminders along the way to slow down and enjoy the scenery, including one time when a family of sheep ran for more than 20 minutes in front of our car as I drove less than five miles an hour behind them!

Ireland Road Trip

Only once along the trip did I have any issues driving on the left side of the road. On one stretch of two lane country “highway”, whenever someone passed a slower car, the driver would come into my lane and expect me to move into the shoulder. I did so initially to avoid head-on collisions, but then noticed other drivers did the same thing so I realized it must have been a rule of the road or a courtesy thing. I wanted occasionally to steer to the right during these situations, but kept the car rental guy’s voice in my head and kept telling myself he would not see us on the front page of the newspaper!

Despite my grandmother not being well enough to fully enjoy the trip, exploring a foreign country by car was a wonderful way for us to spend some one-on-one time together. My grandmother passed away five years ago and our trip is a memory I will always cherish.

Disclosure: I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Discount Tire blogging program, making me eligible to receive a $50 gift card and be entered for a chance to win a prize valued at $1,000. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

Fun, Inexpensive Gift Idea for Teachers or Others

I recently read a post on Thrifty Decor Chick about a hidden memo board she created inside of her cabinet.

What caught my attention, though, were the magnets she made. I thought they would be a fun craft that my daughter could make to give to my mother for her birthday and to her teachers for the holidays. Best of all, they can be personalized to each gift recipient!

Here are some photos of the magnets we made for my mother’s birthday gift:

Magnet Gift Idea

I decided to place the magnets in a magnetic tin that I found at the Container Store. The magnets can go inside, or another idea would be to put them around the top or outside area and fill the center with candy or some other item. There are so many different types of containers you could use.

Magnet Gift Idea

What you need for this project:

– Glass Marble Accents – found in the floral area at craft stores. There are many sizes and colors, but I liked the 1 1/2 inch flat clear ones for this project. They cost around $2.99, but I used one of the 40% off coupons that you can get from Michaels and Jo-Ann in Sunday papers.

– Magnets – These were the most expensive part of this project. I used a 40% off coupon to get 50 ProMag magnets at Michaels. I think they cost less than $10 before the 40% off coupon, but can’t find my receipt to confirm. You could save money by purchasing smaller or thinner magnets.

– Clear-drying glue – I used a glue stick to stick the photo paper to the glass. I also tried some instant decoupage I had in my craft bin and that worked too.

– Paper – You will need either scrapbook paper or photo paper, depending on what you plan to do. You can print photos at a store, but I used photo paper I got for free at Staples a few months ago to print my photos at home.

– Two inch Circle Punch or two inch cardboard circle – I used a 2 inch cardboard “coin” that we received in the mail recently to trace around the photos. For the teacher gifts, I plan to purchase a two inch circle punch to speed up the process. You can find the circle punches in the scrapbooking area at craft stores for less than $10 (use a 40% off coupon!).

How to do this project:

1. Decide how you want to decorate your magnets. Photos? Drawings? Pre-printed paper (like what Thrifty Decor Chick did with the Christmas theme)? A combination?

2. Trace around the photo or paper design with the two inch cardboard circle, or use the circle punch. If you are going to draw on the paper, cut out the circle first and then do the drawing.

3. Apply glue to the glass marble. The marbles are not perfectly round, so keep this in mind when you trace a circle. The paper won’t always fit perfectly, so hold the marble over the paper and turn the marble around until you think your photo, drawing or design will display best through the glass. Then apply the marble to the paper. Hold for a couple of seconds then set aside to dry. Once you touch the marble to photo paper, you won’t be able to move it. I was able to move the scrapbook paper though.

4. Once dry, cut off any paper that is sticking out over the edge of the marble.

Magnet Gift Idea

5. Apply glue to one side of the magnet and apply the magnet to the paper on the back of the glass marble. Hold it for a few seconds and then set it aside to dry. I found the magnets will shift a bit when I set them aside, so once you set down your marble, move the magnet into the center.

That’s it!

Depending on how many you make and whether or not you use 40%-50% off coupons to purchase all the materials, you should be able to make a nice set of personalized magnets and put them in a tin (as displayed above) for less than $10.

Look for opportunities to get craft materials for cheap during after-Thanksgiving sales. I do not plan to use the 20% off your entire purchase coupons unless the coupon is good on sale items and the sale items are something I need for this project. But I have found that Jo-Ann will put several items on sale for a certain number of hours during a holiday sale, so I plan to stop in and see what I can get for 40% or more.

If you live in Dallas, stop by the Preston/Forest Jo-Ann and pick up the “Celebrate our Remodel” flyer. There are three 50% off coupons – one good for December 2, one for December 3 and one for December 4. Be one of the first 50 customers each of these days and receive a $5 Jo-Ann Gift Card and Reusable Tote Bag (hope they aren’t the ones made in China with the lead paint!).

Since I go by Jo-Ann every day, I plan to buy three bags of the glass marble accents. There are around 21 per bag and since my daughter has several teachers, three bags should cover them all.

If you are giving teacher gifts this year, I’d love to hear what your plans are!

Review & Giveaway: Robi Comb – Non-toxic head lice remover (11/15)

Robi Comb - Non-toxic head lice remover

For nearly three years, I would read each email from my daughter’s school alerting parents that there was yet another lice outbreak on campus, but thankfully, the outbreak was never in my daughter’s class.

I kept an eye out for the little buggers for a few days after each alert, but never saw any and breathed a sigh of relief each time.

And then…a few weeks before school ended last June… I discovered that my daughter and I both had head lice. I was horrified!

The school alerts always included a link to Jesse’s Story about a little boy who died after being exposed to toxic head lice treatments. Because of my daughter’s numerous autoimmune illnesses, Jesse’s story caught my attention and was the first thing I thought about when I discovered we had lice. I knew I needed to find a way to get rid of these pests without exposing my daughter to a toxic shampoo or other potentially harmful treatment.

After doing some research online, here’s what I decided to do:

1. Put all stuffed animals in trash bags and moved them to storage in the garage for two weeks.

2. Washed all sheets, towels and blankets in hot water. I also washed clothes in hot water that could tolerate it and bagged the other regularly worn clothing. We wore clothes that we didn’t regularly wear, hoping that they didn’t have any lice or nits on them.

3. Thoroughly vacuumed all carpets, couches and chairs. I bought diatomaceous earth at Home Depot, but never used it.

4. Purchased a Robi Comb at Walgreens and used it immediately on both our heads.

5. Purchased a nit comb.

6. Covered our heads in olive oil and shower caps. We kept the olive oil and shower caps on overnight and spent a long time washing out the olive oil the next day!

I wasn’t sure what would work, but I had read good reviews about the olive oil, Robi Comb and nit comb so I decided to start with these items.

How the Robi Comb Works

The Robi Comb runs on batteries and “zaps” the lice as the comb goes through the hair…killing them on contact. The high pitched noise stops when a louse is stuck in the comb, so you can pull the comb out, remove the dead louse and continue. The zap sound allowed me to know exactly when the Robi Comb had located lice. Over time, the sound stayed on consistently so I knew there were no lice remaining. It gave me great peace of mind to know that the Robi Comb was no longer locating lice!

Once I was sure I had zapped all the living lice, I followed up on both of our heads with the nit comb. The Robi Comb does not kill nits, and I didn’t want any more lice hatching on our heads.

We continued to use the Robi Comb at least once daily for two weeks to make sure no new lice were found, but we did not find any live lice after the first day.

Watch this video to see the Robi Comb in action.

What I love most about the Robi Comb:

– Safe, non-toxic solution to killing lice
– Compact
– Battery powered
– Re-usable (invest in the product once and you can use it again, if the need ever arises – which I hope it won’t!)
– Can be used by an adult on his/her own head without enlisting another adult’s help. I wouldn’t give this to my 6 year old to use on her own head, but I used it on my own head without assistance for all but two of the comb-throughs
– Works quickly (lice killed on contact)

What I dislike about the Robi Comb:

– The comb cannot be wet. If you sterilize the comb with rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab, you will have to wait for it to dry before you can use the product. It will not work when wet. I understand the reason why it won’t work, but I was so eager to the comb through my hair after using it on my daughter’s head and hated the wait.

Buy It

You can buy the Robi Comb at most Walgreens locations for $29.99, or if you’re not in a hurry, you can buy it online for a little less. My Walgreens only had one left in stock when I bought mine.

Win It

The Robi Comb is not a product that you would normally buy to have on hand “just in case” you need it. But if your child’s school regularly has lice outbreaks like my child’s school does, it would be worth entering to try to win one! You can use it to check for lice when you hear about outbreaks so you can treat your child’s head sooner.

Mandatory entry (must be completed in order to enter this giveaway):

Visit and let me know something you learned or why you want to win this product.

Additional (optional) entries (1 extra entry each unless otherwise noted. If you already do these, please leave comments too!):

– Like Robi Comb on Facebook (2 entries – leave 2 comments)
– Like Craving the Savings on Facebook (2 entries – leave 2 comments)
– Follow Robi Comb on Twitter
– Follow me on Twitter (@CravingSavings and @CravingGiveaway) – 1 extra entry for each
– Follow me on Google Friend Connect (right column)
– Follow me on Networked Blogs (right column)
– Become an email subscriber or RSS subscriber (top right column) – 1 extra entry for each
– Post this giveaway on a giveaway linky (and leave the URL) – (2 entries – leave 2 comments)

– Ends at 11:59 PM Central on Monday, November 15, 2010. I will use to select the winner.
– The winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email or I will select a new winner.

Please note: I received no product or monetary compensation for this review. Robi Comb is offering one of my blog readers the opportunity to win the product through a giveaway on this blog. While I’m embarrassed to admit we had lice, when I read that Robi Comb was looking bloggers to host giveaways of their product I jumped on the opportunity to share how wonderful this product is! If it saves one child from toxic lice treatments, it is worth it to me to share our story.

Bing “Our School Needs” Voting – now through 11/7

Have you heard that Bing is giving $100,000 to one school in need? And the school with the most votes in each of three categories (K-6, 7-9, 10-12) will also win $50,000 in the Bing “Our School Needs” contest.

Voting is open until Sunday, November 7. To vote, you must watch the finalist videos (or read the stories) and then register for an account and vote. You can return daily to vote for up to five schools.

I watched most of the videos and was touched by the Patriot Elementary School’s project submission. The majority of the children at the school have a parent who has been deployed to protect our country. These kids want to be able to share their accomplishments with the parent who is away, but cannot due to lack of financial resources to pay for the technology to do so. The school wants to be able to help their students through this difficult time. Read the details here.

There are other deserving schools that made the final 15. Learn more about the contest and be sure to vote for the one(s) you like best!

Please Note: I tried to register to vote, but got an error message. I contacted Bing to find out why since their error message does not provide any details as to what went wrong.

– Bing is awarding a quarter-million dollars in prize money divided among four schools in need.
– The entry with the most votes wins $100k, and 3 others will each win $50k.
– Bing is giving away up to $900,000 to schools in need through, a non-profit website where public school teachers can post classroom projects that need funding. Be one of the first 30,000 to vote for your favorite finalists each day and receive a $3 donation code to redeem for the classroom project of your choice! Here’s a photo of singer Josh Groban visiting a local middle school in Queens, NY to drop off brand new musical instruments and participate in chorus class as part of the “Our School Needs” campaign kick-off:

Josh Groban - and Bing Contest

– The voting phase starts Friday, October 29 and runs through Sunday, November 7. America will be asked to vote on the 15 Our School Needs finalists as determined by the panel of judges. The winners will be announced Tuesday, November 9.

Many schools struggle with finding the funding to support a variety of programs. My neighborhood public school and my daughter’s school both have very active parent groups that go above and beyond to raise money to support the schools. A ton of work goes into raising the funds! It’s nice to see the Bing will be helping some schools with their financial needs!

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Bing and received a gift card and giving code to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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