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DFW Sprouts Farmers Market – Double Ad Day

Sprouts Farmers Market

It’s Double Ad Day at Sprouts Farmers Market, meaning you can shop today from last week’s ad and this week’s ad. Here are the best deals I see for the Dallas locations:


Cucumbers or Green Bell Peppers – $0.49 each
Roma Tomatoes – $0.77/lb
Zucchini or Yellow Squash – $0.88/lb
Hass Avocados – $0.49 each*
Acorn, Butternut, Spaghetti Squash – $0.69/lb*

Rio Star Grapefruit – $0.19 each
Blueberries or Blackberries (6 oz) – $1.25 each
Organic Honeycrisp Apples – $1.49/lb
Organic Cello Carrots – $0.99/lb
Organic Navel Oranges – $0.99/lb
Organic Braenburn or Pink Lady Apples – $0.99/lb*


Chicken tenders – $1.88/lb
99% fat-free Ground Chicken Breast – $2.99/lb
Sirloin Tip Roast – $2.99/lb
Boneless, skinless chicken thighs – $1.57/lb*


Colby Jack Cheese – $1.99/lb
* Sale ends today (1/5/11)

Sprouts Farmers Market – Fort Worth Store Opening

Sprouts Farmers Market - Fort Worth Store Opening

I read on Facebook that Sprouts Farmers Market will open their Fort Worth store on January 26 at 7:00 AM.

The first 100 customers will get free sandwich coupons and they said prices will be “super low” and “all purchases will be bagged in FREE reusable Sprouts totes.”

I don’t see the store’s address on their Website, but found it mentioned in the Star Telegram: South Hulen Street and Interstate 20 (an old Albertsons location).

Produce Price Comparison for week of 6/30 (DFW)

Download this week’s produce price comparison document (PDF). It covers advertised prices for conventional and organic produce at the following stores:

Central Market
Market Street
Sunflower Market
Tom Thumb
Whole Foods

I will be posting about my kale chip experiment soon. I have read and heard many good things about kale chips, so when I saw the organic kale is $1.50/bunch this week at New Flower Market, I decided to get some. I have two “recipes” – one that you can make in the oven and one that you can make in a dehydrator. I tried the oven method today and think I over oiled them, but some were good. I am going to try the dehydrator method on Sunday and will post a comparison with photos.

When another mother and I met with a Dallas-area Whole Foods store ambassador about food allergies a few weeks ago, she gave us a tour of the produce area. She told us about all the health benefits of kale (better than spinach, she said), and she gave us a small piece to try. It was interesting, but not something I would eat raw very regularly. The kale chips were much more tolerable. Best of all, my daughter LOVED them.

Produce Price Comparison for week of 6/23 (DFW)

My blog re-design is finally live, but there are still several issues I need to fix and content that I need to add, so it will be a work-in-progress for a few more days.

The homepage should work. If it does not look right to you, please let me know what browser you are using.

Issues I am aware of:

1. IE browser – right column is halfway down the page
2. IE and Firefox browsers – inner pages have right column covering the content

I am also going to tweak a few things to make it easier to read, but that’s after I work out the major kinks!

Now…on to the produce price comparison for this week!

Produce Price Comparison

On the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, we are buying LOTS of produce – mostly bananas, apples, pears, blueberries, zucchini, carrots, chard, and French-cut green beans at this stage. We go through dozens of bananas, apples, zucchini and carrots each week for homemade applesauce, banana pancakes, flourless muffins, banana cake, zucchini noodles, etc.

I price-checked produce at Sam’s Club this week to see if I could buy any of these items at a lower cost, but Sam’s was just as expensive or more expensive than the grocery stores! That is not always the case though. I am going to try to hit Sam’s and possibly Costco occasionally to see if buying in bulk will be cheaper. While I will not be covering the warehouse clubs’ prices regularly, I will post any deals I find there.

I am now trying to buy organic whenever possible. For example, I am only buying organic apples since I have read that apples are on the “dirty dozen” list of of produce where it makes the most sense to go organic. I figure if we’re going to do this diet to see if it helps my daughter’s health, then we might as well avoid eating those foods with higher concentrations of pesticide residues. I will include conventional and organic produce in the comparison chart so you can decide where to go based on your preferences. I will create three graphical icons to indicate if produce is:

– Organic
– Locally-grown (“Texas”)
– USA-grown

but for now I just used symbols in the spreadsheet (the symbol meanings are in the footer of each page).

Please keep in mind that stores do not always list the size of the produce. For example, avocados are usually “small” or “large” but the ads don’t always specify. So it will be difficult to know for sure which store has the best price. Whenever possible, I will check on sizes in person and will update the chart.

And last but not least, this is a work-in-progress. This week, I am posting just a PDF download of the chart. In future weeks, I will pull out the best deals and post a summary with a link to the full download.

Please let me know what you like or dislike about this format. And if you stop by a store and find additional produce on sale that is not advertised, please let me know and I will update this list. I plan to do similar comparisons for meat/seafood, nuts and dairy soon.

Download the produce comparison chart for DFW-area stores (PDF format).

Sprouts (DFW) Deals through 2/10/10

I’m going to try to get back into blogging regularly. Lots going on at the moment…

Here are the best deals at Sprouts through Wednesday, February 10:


Jumbo Cantaloupe – $0.69 each
Washington Grown Fuji or Pink Lady Apples – $0.88/lb.
Honey Tangerines or Minneola Tangelos – $0.88/lb.
Organic Braeburn Apples – $0.88/lb.

Hass Avocados – $0.69 each (not sure what size these are)
Vine Ripe Tomatoes – $0.69/lb.
Red or Yellow Bell Peppers – $0.69 each
Green Bell Peppers – $0.39 each
Cucumbers – $0.39 each
Fancy Zucchini Squash – $0.69/lb


Michael Angelo Frozen Entrees 10-12 oz – $1.50 each (must buy 2)
Price: $2.99
Coupon: B1G1 Free (watch any one of the videos and get a B1G1 coupon emailed to you)


Fresh Chicken Breast Tenders – $1.88/lb.
Fresh Pork Sirloin Chops – $1.99/lb.

This item is sale for the entire month of February:

Enjoy Life Boom-Choco Boom Chocolate Bars – $0.74
Price: $1.29
Coupon: $0.55/1 – printable coupon at bottom of the page. There is also a $0.75/2 printable coupon here
These are great for kids and adults with food allergies!

Sprouts DFW Deals through 12/9

Here are the best deals I see at Sprouts (Dallas / Fort Worth) through 12/9/09:


Blackberries (6 oz) – $0.77 each (wow!)
Bartlett, Bosc or D’Anjou Pears – $0.89/lb.
Fuji or Honey Crisp Apples – $0.89/lb.
Oranges – $0.69/lb.
Organic Granny Smith or Red Delicious Apples – $0.88/lb.

Eggplant – $0.69 each
Zucchini – $0.69/lb.
Large Green Bell Peppers – 3/$1.00


USDA Choice T-Bone Steak – $4.99/lb.
Free Range Turkey Breast – $2.49/lb.
Fresh Pork Baby Back Ribs – $2.99/lb.
Large Raw EZ Peel Shrimp – $3.99/lb.


Arrowhead Puffed Cereal – FREE*
Price: $0.99 (must buy 3)
Coupon: $3.00/3 – Firefox / Internet Explorer printable
*I haven’t been able to print this yet, but it’s supposed to be good on Arrowhead Mills products.

See the entire ad at

Sprouts (DFW) deals through 11/25

Here are the best deals I see at Sprouts (Dallas / Fort Worth) through 11/25. Scroll down to see the deals you can get on 11/18 only.


Pineapple – $0.99 each
Navel Oranges – $0.77/lb.
Grapefruit – $0.33 each

Celery – $0.77 each
Eggplant – $0.77 each
Sweet Potatoes – $0.77/lb.
Yellow or Zucchini Squash – $0.77/lb.


Extra lean ground beef – $1.97/lb.
Boneless, skinless chicken breast – $1.69/lb.
Free range turkey – $1.47/lb.
Boneless pork sirloin chops or roast – $1.99/lb.


Rice Dream – Imagine Dream Nog – $1.25
Price: $2.00
Coupon: $0.75/1 – printable

Here are the deals from last week’s ad that are good today only (11/18)


Blueberries (4.4 oz) – $1.50
Blackberries (5.6 oz) – $1.50
Raspberries (6 oz) – $1.50
Gala or Fuji apples – $0.88/lb.
Kiwi – $0.20 each


Chicken drums, thighs, or whole fryers – $0.88/lb (value packs)


Annie’s Homegrown Mac & Cheese – $0.50
Price: $1.00 (must buy 2)
Coupon: $1.00/2 – from Annie’s 2010 calendar

For more information, visit

Sprouts Deals (Dallas / Fort Worth) through 11/11

Here are the best deals I see at Sprouts (DFW) through Wednesday, November 11:


Texas Grapefruit – 3 for $1.00
Large Naval Oranges – $0.88/lb.
Large Mangos – $0.77 each
Braeburn or Honey Crisp Apples – $0.99/lb.

Avocados – 3 for $1.00
Broccoli Crowns – $0.99/lb.
Squash or Yellow Zucchini – $0.88/lb.
Hot House Tomatoes – $0.88/lb.


Boneless Chicken Breast Tenders – $1.97/lb.
Center Cut Pork Loin Chops – $1.97/lb.
Whole Turkey Breast – $1.97/lb.
Rocky Jr. Whole Chicken (no antibiotics, no hormones) – $0.99/lb.


Garden of Eatin’ Tortilla Chips – $0.99
Price: $1.99
Coupon: $1.00/1 – printable

Rice Select Royal Blend – $2.99
Price: $4.99
Coupon: $2.00/1 – printable

Vida Tea Sparkling Green Tea – $0.75
Price: $1.25
Coupon: $0.50/1 – Facebook – save image as, open & print

Lifeway Lowfat and Fat-Free Kefir – $1.00
Price: $2.00
Coupon: $1.00/1 – printable

Classic Baguettes – $0.99

Wednesday, November 4 ONLY is Double Ad Day, meaning you can get last week’s deals and this week’s deals on the same day. Since I didn’t do match ups, here is a quick list of the best produce deals I see:

Gala Apples – $0.49/lb.
Bartlett & D’anjou Pears – $0.99/lb.
Cluster Tomatoes – $0.97/lb.

The rest of the ad didn’t wow me. You can check out the entire ad here.

Sprouts Deals (DFW) through 10/28

UPDATE: I just printed my So Delicious coupons that I thought were only good for their frozen products, but the coupons state they can be used on refrigerated products as well.

So… print two $1.00/1 coupons here and get two 6 oz containers for $0.50 each. They are on sale at 2 for $3.

I don’t see much at Sprouts this week. Here are the best deals at Dallas / Fort Worth stores through Wednesday, October 28:


Navel Oranges – $0.69/lb.
Apples – $0.99/lb (many varieties)
Bartlett or D’anjou Pears – $0.99/lb.

Asparagus – $0.99/lb.
Bi-Color Corn – $0.25 each
Eggplant – $0.88 each
Celery – $0.88 each
Hass Avocados – $0.69 each
Squash (yellow or zuchinni) – $0.88/lb.
Green Bell Peppers – $0.50 each
Cucumbers – $0.50 each


Pork Loin Chops or Roasts – $1.77/lb.
Large 5 oz lobster tails – $4.99 each
USDA Choice Top Sirloin Steaks – $3.99/lb.

Sprouts DFW Deals – through 10/21

Here are the best deals I see at Sprouts (Dallas / Fort Worth) from 10/14 – 10/21:


Seedless Grapes (Black or Red) – $0.88/lb.
Gala, Granny Smith, Gold or Red Delicious Apples – $0.88/lb.

Organic 5 lb bag of Potatoes – $2.99 each
Green, Red, Romaine or Iceberg Lettuce – $0.88 each
Green Beans – $0.88/lb.
Red Potatoes – $0.88/lb.
Green Bell Peppers – $0.50 each
Red or Gold Bell Peppers – $0.88 each
Cucumbers – $0.50 each
Fresh Asparagus – $1.99/lb.


Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts – $1.88/lb.
Boneless Pork Chops – $1.99/lb.
Extra Lean Ground Beef (Value Pack) – $2.99/lb.
USDA Choice Roasts (variety) – 50% off


Gluten-free Jubilee – more than 1500 items will be 25% off. If you have any coupons for ‘gluten-free’ products, take them with you for even bigger savings!

Wednesday is double ad day, so check out last week’s deals and shop on Wednesday to get two weeks’ worth of deals in one shopping trip!

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