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Free at Kroger, Tom Thumb & Albertsons until 3/31

There are some great coupons coming out on Sunday (3/29). Below are the free items you can get at Kroger, Tom Thumb and Albertsons using these coupons! Also, be sure to check out the Kraft and Pillsbury catalina deal update and two coupon booklets I found at Kroger.

I want to thank Laura again for reminding me about the Pillsbury catalina promotion. I found some coupons and got lots of free Pillsbury today. Since it’s a moneymaker, I used some $1.00/2 Kraft cheese coupons that I found at Tom Thumb or Kroger a month or so ago, and took advantage of the Kraft catalina promotion too. Here’s what I did:

Certain Pillsbury items are 4/$5 with an instant $1 deducted at the register when you buy 4.

Pillsbury Sweet Rolls (2) – $0.10 each after coupons
– Two $0.30 – 3/15 SS (tripled)

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (2) – $0.25 each after coupons
– Two $0.25 – 3/15 SS

Kraft 2% Shredded Cheese (4) – 3/$5 ($1.17 each after coupons)
– Two $1.00/2 coupons from a booklet I got at Tom Thumb or Kroger a month or so ago

RECEIVED: $2.00 for Pillsbury and $3.00 for Kraft

I then did this same transaction again and used the $2.00 and $3.00 coupons to see if I could roll them. My total came to -$0.04 ($0.41 tax was deducted from my total?) so the cashier paid me $0.04, and I got another two coupons – $2.00 and $3.00!

If you have any of the Kraft and/or Pillsbury coupons, be sure to use them on Sunday because it’s the last day for both promotions.

I also got a catalina for a free Dannon Dan-o-nino 6-pack. I don’t see too many free catalina coupons like this so it was a good trip!


Quaker Quakes Rice Cakes – 10/$10
Use: $1.00 off – 3/29 RP

Here are the two coupon booklets I found at Kroger. I also found some $3.00 off coupons when you two packages of Energizer batteries, which could come in handy if there are any battery deals between now and the end of June.

Spring Awakening coupon booklet
The coupons don’t expire until 10/31/2010 and can be used at any store that accepts coupons. I found these booklets in the frozen food aisle.

– $0.75 off Aquafresh toothpaste or toothbrush
– $5.00 off Aquafresh White Trays
– $5.00 off Alli
– $1.00 off Polident or Poligrip
– $0.75 off Tums
– $1.50 off Abreva
– $1.00 off Breathe Right
– $0.50 off Goody’s
– $5.00 off Nicorette, NicoDerm CQ or Commit
– $1.00 off Beano
– $1.50 off 90 ct FiberChoice
– $0.75 off Sensodyne Toothpaste

Go Organic for Earth Day coupon booklet
The coupons don’t expire until 8/31/2009 and can be used at any store that accepts coupons. I found the booklets in the organic section at one Kroger and near the register at the second Kroger.

– $1.00 off three Clif Bar or Luna Products
– $1.00 off two Van’s Products
– $0.75 off 32 oz R.W. Knudsen Family Juice
– $1.00 off Barbara’s organic cereal
– $0.75 off Santa Cruz Organic Product
– $1.00 off four 6 oz. cups or one 32 oz. Container of Stonyfield Farm Organic Yogurt
– $1.00 off Nature’s Path or EnviroKidz Product
– $1.00 off Country Choice organic product
– $1.00 off two Seventh Generation products
– $1.00 off two Cascadian Farm products
– $1.00 off two Kashi organic Promise cereals
– $1.00 off one Traditional Medicinals product
– $1.00 off two Organic Valley products

If you’re taking advantage of the Mix & Match promotion at Tom Thumb, here are some items you can add to your transaction to reach ten items. Since Tom Thumb will only double/triple one like coupon, be sure to buy only one per transaction. I have confirmed that some of these are in the Dallas-area paper, but not all of them yet. I will update this post once I get my paper.

Duncan Hines Cake Mix – $0.75 if you buy 10 Mix & Match items / Free after coupon
Use: $0.35 off – 3/29 SS

Kraft Salad Dressing – $1.50 if you buy 10 Mix & Match items / Free after coupon
Use: $1.50 off – 3/29 SS

Halls Cough Drops – 10/$10 – Free after coupon
Use: $1.00 off – 3/29 SS

Not part of the Mix & Match, but still free:

Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap – 10/$10 – Free after coupon
Use: $0.35 off – 3/29 SS

Here are the free items for Albertsons using this week’s coupons:

Duncan Hines Cake Mix – Part of 10 Mix & Match promotion / Free after coupon
Use: $0.35 off – 3/29 SS – you can buy up to 4!

Steamfresh Frozen Vegetables – Free after coupon
Use: $0.35 off – 3/29 SS – you can buy up to 4!

Not free, but a good deal on Easter candy:

Hershey’s Chocolate Easter Mix Candy (16.4-17.25 oz) – $0.88 each after coupon – must buy 2
Price: $1.88 each
Coupon: $2.00/2 – 1/25 SS
or you can use the $1.50/3 from 3/15 SS and pay $0.50/bag more.

My Albertson’s Trip – 3/22

For this trip to Albertsons, I paid $2.58 and saved $22.45 (almost 90%). I used a $1.00 On Your Next Order (OYNO) coupon from a past purchase at Albertsons.

The brownie mix will be donated because it has possible nut contamination (my daughter is allergic). We really needed vegetables and to get to 10 items, I wanted to get some free fillers. Unfortunately I didn’t take the Spam coupons, which would have brought my final cost down a bit with the overage the coupons would have produced.

See the coupon match-up here. The only item above that I didn’t list in this week’s match-ups is the Birds Eye frozen peas. We needed peas and neither the Pictsweet, nor the Green Giant had any peas. So I paid (*gasp*) full retail price at $1.89. And you know Albertsons’ full retail price is probably going to be higher than if I had waited and gone to Kroger…

Albertsons deals (DFW) through 3/24

Albertsons is also running a Mix & Match sale this week (see Tom Thumb). Here are the best deals I could find:


Duncan Hines Brownie Mix – FREE + $0.05 overage after coupon and $5 Mix & Match deduction
Price: $1.50
Coupon: $0.35/1 – 2/1 SS (most Albertsons will double/triple up to 4 coupons for the same item)

Green Giant boxed vegetables – FREE after coupon and $5 Mix & Match deduction
Price: $1.50
Coupon: $0.50/1 – printable coupon (most Albertsons will double/triple up to 4 coupons for the same item)

Spam single pack 3 oz. – FREE + $0.25 overage after coupon (if your store triples)
Price: $0.50
Coupon: $0.25 – 3/22 SS (most Albertsons will double/triple up to 4 coupons for the same item)
Even if you don’t eat Spam, you could get this for the overage and donate the Spam to charity.


Fiber One Toaster Pastries – $0.50 after coupon and $5 Mix & Match deduction
Price: $1.50
Coupon: $0.50/1 – 2/22 SS (most Albertsons will double/triple up to 4 coupons for the same item)

Chex Mix Snack Bars – $1.00 after coupon and $5 Mix & Match deduction
Price: $2.50
Coupon: $0.50/1 – 2/8 SS (most Albertsons will double/triple up to 4 coupons for the same item)

Pictsweet Deluxe Frozen Vegetables (11-16 oz) – $1.00 after Mix & Match deduction
Price: 2/$3
After getting free frozen vegetables for the last several months, it hurts to have to pay $1.00, but this is still a good price for frozen vegetables.

Good Day Milk (1 gallon) – $1.99

Sprouts deals & produce price comparison – 3/18-3/25

If you didn’t make it to Sprouts before the 17th or they were out of berries when you got there, you’re in luck…

Berries and pears are cheaper this week!

The Fuji apples are a bit more expensive than last week, but still a good price.

Just for fun, I’ve compared Sprouts to other local stores that have ads online or in the paper. This gives you a general idea where to shop for produce this week, but please keep in mind there are other produce specials at all the stores that I have not listed here.

I could not find an ad for Walmart, but when I was there earlier in the week, their prices were higher than sprouts for pears and strawberries. I didn’t check the other items. You can try a price match if you take the ad from another store in with you. I haven’t had many good experiences at Walmart, so I’d rather go to two or three stores than try to do a price match at Walmart.

These sale prices are for the Dallas area and in many cases the brand is not mentioned, so it may not be an apples to apples comparison (no pun intended – really). And = best price


Strawberries (1 lb.) – 2/$3
– Tom Thumb ad: 2 lbs. for $4.99
– Kroger ad: 2 lbs. for $5.00, but they’re Driscoll. The other stores do not mention the brand.
– Target ad: 2 lbs. for $5.00
– Albertsons ad: 2 lbs. for $5.49

Blackberries (5.6 oz) – 2/$3
– Albertsons ad: $3.99
– Central Market ad: $0.99 each

Bosc and Bartlett Pears – $0.77/lb.
– Whole Foods ad: $0.99/lb. – organic Red Anjou pears

Large Fancy Navel Oranges – $1.00/2 lbs.
– Tom Thumb ad: $3.88 for 8 lb. bag
Just slightly cheaper ($0.02/lb) at Tom Thumb if you want an 8 lb. bag!
– Kroger ad: $4.99 for 8 lb. bag
– Whole Foods ad – $0.99/lb. for Cara Cara navel oranges

Green Seedless Grapes – $5.00/4 lbs. ($1.25/lb)
– Central Market ad: $0.99/lb.
– Kroger ad: $1.79/lb. – green, white or red
– Albertsons ad: $1.99/lb.
– Tom Thumb ad: $2.49/lb.

Texas Red Grapefruit – 3 for $1

Fuji and Jonagold Apples – $0.77/lb.
– Albertsons ad: $0.99/lb for Fuji apples
– Whole Foods ad: $2.99 for 3 lbs ($0.99/lb) for ORGANIC Fuji, Granny Smith or Braeburn if you prefer organic!
– Tom Thumb ad: 2 lbs. for $3 – Fuji, Granny Smith, Red Delicious or Gala


Red Bell Peppers – 2 for $1

Hothouse Tomatoes – $0.77/lb
– Kroger ad: $0.99/lb
– Tom Thumb ad: $2.79/lb.

I used to waste a lot of money on fresh produce. I had no idea the prices could vary so greatly (I just didn’t pay attention), and some of the produce would inevitably go bad before we ate it. Money was being thrown down the drain! At Janet’s suggestion, I am going to try Fiesta this week and see how their produce prices look. I’ll report back if I can make it over there.

There are several deals at the grocery stores this week, but it takes me a long time to compile everything so it will be a few days before I post what I’ve found.

Looks like I’m going to have an awesome tool to help me speed up the matching process so I can post everything sooner and again at the end of the week when the new newspaper inserts come out. I’m very excited about it!!

If you need to get some grocery shopping done before I post the match-ups, you can grab many of the coupon match-ups at or I’ve spotted at least one deal that I haven’t seen listed anywhere else yet, but I need to work up some scenarios to share before I post it!

CVS deals for week of 3/15

I have lots of ECBs to use up at CVS this week. These are the best deals I could find:


Irish Spring Body Wash 15-18oz – $0.50 overage with coupon!
Price: $4.99
Coupon: $0.50/1 – 3/15 SS
Limit: 1

Dry Idea Deodorant – $1.01 overage with coupon!
Price: $2.99
Coupon: $2.00 Internet Printable (print 2)
Limit: 3
It has been reported that the unscented variety hasn’t been printing the ECBs, so keep an eye on your receipt if you prefer unscented, and ask the cashier to manually print the ECBs. I think Dallas-area stores all have this capability now.

Colgate Max White Toothpaste 4.6-6oz – $0.75 – $1.00 overage with coupons
Price: $2.99
Coupon: $0.75 – 2/22 or 3/15 SS OR if you got the Kroger Mailer this week (mentioned here), use the $1.00 coupon
Limit: 1

Hershey’s Extra Dark Large Chocolate Bars – Free after coupons and ECBs
Price: $1.50 each
Coupon: $1.00 – 1/25 RP (need 10 coupons)
Promo: Buy $15 worth, get $5 ECBs

Wheat Thins Crackers (4-5.25 oz) – Free after coupons
Price: 5/$5.00
Coupon: $2.00/2 – 1/25 SS


True North Nuts – $1.00/bag
Price: $3.00/bag
Coupon: $1.00 – 2/8 SS
Promo: Buy $15 worth of True North nuts, get $5 ECBs
Note: Coupon states one per customer, so you’d have to buy one bag during each transaction. After the fifth purchase, you will get the $5 ECBs.

Tropicana Orange Juice – $8.00 for 5 cartons
Price: $3.00 each
Coupon: $1.00/2 – 1/4 RP (use 2)
Promo: Buy $15 worth of Tropicana, get $5 ECBs

If you haven’t gotten the March CVS brand Vitamin D 100 ct bottle yet for $2.99 (free after earning $2.99 ECBs), you might add it to your list this week. It’s limit 1.

For the Walgreens deals this week, please check I’m not feeling well, so I’m going to bed and not doing anymore match-ups tonight, but there are a few deals at Walgreens you may want to take advantage of!

Albertsons deals (DFW) through 3/17

Here are the best deals that I could find at Albertsons, good through 3/17.


Dial Basics Bar Soap – Free
Price: 10/$10
Coupon: $0.35/1 – 3/8 SS

Wrigley’s Gum Slim Pack – Free
Price: 10/$10
Coupon: $1.00 – 3/15 SS


Pillsbury Grands Refrigerated Biscuit Dough – $0.55 each (must buy 2 & coupon must triple)
Price: 10/$10
Coupon: $0.30/2 – 3/15 SS

Sunshine Cheez-It Snack Crackers – $0.99 (limit 2)

Green or Black Seedless Grapes – $1.00 lb.

Grocery deals – 3/11-3/17

I won’t have time to go through all the grocery deals this week until Friday or Saturday (I will probably wait until Saturday so I can include the Sunday coupon deals), but I wanted to alert North Texas readers that Kroger looks pretty good this week with their Mega Event ($5 off when you buy 10 qualifying products).

There are some freebies part of the Mega Event like Whisker Lickins’ cat treats (2/8 RP) and Quaker Quakes (1/18 RP) that will generate a very small overage for you to use toward other purchases. You can also get Betty Crocker Potatoes for $0.39 a box as part of the Mega Event with a printable coupon.

If you’re already registered at, log in to print the coupon (hit back button to print twice). While there, also print the Chex Mix coupon if you want to get Chex Mix at Kroger and don’t have the $0.50 coupon from 1/25 SS.

If you’re not registered, you can get a free sample of the Warm Delights Minis when you register at by going through this link:

Also be sure to check and to load coupons on your Kroger card before you head to the store.

At Tom Thumb, you can get free Ocean Spray Lite (1/11 RP – must buy 5) and free Peter Pan Peanut Butter ($0.99 in-ad coupon with $10 minimum purchase + $0.50 printable coupon).

Get a good list of coupon match-ups at or***.

***Keep in mind that not all coupons listed on Hot Coupon World are available in all areas. For example, Dallas papers got a $0.25 coupon in 1/18 RP for Shedd’s Spread Country Crock, so it’s not going to be free at the DFW-area Kroger like it will be in other areas of the country. I usually check first since the list is specific to Dallas, and then look at Hot Coupon World for printable coupon options.

Albertsons Deals (2/24-3/2)

Here are the deals I see for this week at the DFW-area Albertsons. I will update it if I see any additional items worth mentioning.

There is a $5 off $50 coupon in the ad. You must spend $50 after all coupons to get the discount.

Fuji Apples – $0.88/lb.
Bell Peppers – $0.88 each
Eggplant – $0.88 each
Broccoli Bunch – $0.88 each
Minneola Easy Peel Tangelos – $0.88/lb.

Pre-seasoned Albertson’s Boneless, Skinless Fryer Breast – Buy 1 get 2 free
Coupon: In-ad coupon – limit 1 per transaction

Sanderson Farms Bone-In Fryer Breasts (Family Pack – limit 2 with $10 purchase) – $0.88/lb.

John Morrell Assorted Pork Loin Chops (Bone-In, End Cut – Family Pack) – $0.98/lb


StarKist Tuna Chunk Light Variety – $0.42 each (must buy 6)
Sale: $0.88 each
Coupon: B2G1 Free, 2/22 SS + $1 catalina for your next shopping trip

Multigrain Cheerios – $0.88
Sale: $1.88
Coupon: $0.50/1, 1/18 SS

Hunt’s Spaghetti Sauce – $0.48 (must buy 2)
Sale: $0.88
Coupon: $0.40/2, 1/18 SS

4 DAY ONLY SALE (2/26-3/1)

Albertson’s 85% Lean Fresh Ground Beef – $1.99/lb.
Albertson’s Large Eggs – 1 dozen (limit 2) – $0.98

My Albertsons Trip – 2/21

I paid $15.89 and saved $35.04 (69%) at Albertsons, plus I got a $1 catalina to use on my next shopping trip.

I purchased:

Juicy Juice (4) – B1G1 Free – Paid $1.40 each
Coupon: Two $1/2 Internet Printable

Planters Cashews (2) – B1G1 Free – Paid $0.50 total
Coupon: Used the free Planters’ snack product coupon that I won in the Kraft instant win game that I mentioned here.

Sweet Leaf Tea (3) – $1.25 each – Paid $1.25 for 3
Coupon: 1 free coupon and 1 b1g1 free coupon – mailed to me for contacting the company and asking for coupons.

StarKist Tuna Pouches (8 – purchased in two transactions – see below) – B1G1 Free ($1.79 each) – Paid $0.43/each after coupons and catalina
Coupon: B2G1 Free coupon – 1/4 RP and 2/22 RP

I had to visit three Albertsons until I found at least three StarKist tuna pouches to purchase. Once I found a store with the pouches, I picked up six. When I checked out, I double checked my receipt and had been charged $1.49 for four pouches and two were B1G1 free. I asked customer service who looked at the pouches and finally pointed out that they were 3.0 oz pouches. If you put them side-by-side, you’d never be able to tell the difference! The packages are the exact same size. So she refunded my money and I ran back to find six more 2.6 oz.

Fresh Express Salad Blends (2) – B1G1 Free ($2.99) – $1.50 each

Duncan Hines Cake Mix (2) – B1G1 Free ($1.99) – $1.00 each

Albertsons Deals through 2/24

The following are the best deals I see at DFW-area Albertsons through Tuesday, February 24:

Starkist Chunk Light Tuna Pouch 2.6oz – B1G1 Free ($1.79 each – buy 6) – $0.43 – each after coupon and factoring in $1 catalina
Coupon: B2G1 Free – 1/4 RP and 2/22 RP
You will get a $1 catalina coupon to use on your next shopping trip to Albertsons (can be used to purchase anything. Normally you cannot use a catalina for a specific product to buy more of that product. This applies at Walgreens, but I’m not sure if it applies at grocery stores. If someone knows, please add a comment!
Note: Vocalpoint coupons won’t work for this promo because these are not the StarKist Creations pouches (unless the coupons state they work on any tuna pouch. I didn’t get the second set or lost them, so I cannot verify).

Juicy Juice – B1G1 Free ($3.79 each) – $2.79 ($1.40 each) after coupon – must buy 2
Coupon: $1 off 2 – Internet Printable (I printed mine a while ago, but can’t remember where. I found this link, but I am not sure if it will work for you.)

Duncan Hines Cake Mix 18-18.5 oz – B1G1 Free ($1.99 each) – $1.00 – must buy 2

Sanderson Farms All Natural Split Chicken Breasts w/ Ribs Family Pack – $2.59/lb on sale for $0.99/lb

Allen’s Frozen Veg-All SteamSupreme Frozen Vegetables 16oz – B1G1 Free ($1.99) – $1.00 each – must buy 2
Coupons: None. If you need frozen vegetables, go ahead and get these. If not, wait, because you can often get free frozen vegetables when coupons are available.

Bolthouse Farms Carrots 2 lb bag – B1G1 Free ($1.89) – $0.95 each – must buy 2

If you won the Kraft Superbowl instant win game and have the free Planters snack product with a value up to $5.00, you might want to use it at Albertsons this week. Planters nuts are B1G1 Free. I purchased two cans of cashews for $0.50 total because the cans are $5.50 each.

Find more items on sale at Albertsons (DFW) and coupon match-ups at Hot Coupon World.

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