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Price Comparison (DFW): Produce & Some Meat, Dairy & Nuts – week of 7/14/10

Cheap Peaches & Nectarines
If you are looking for cheap US-grown peaches and nectarines, today is the last day to get them for $0.47/lb at Newflower Farmers Market. The store is located at 1800 N. Henderson Avenue, north of downtown Dallas. I purchased several pounds of their peaches a few days ago.

They are not nearly as good as the Texas-grown peaches I purchased at Central Market for $1.50/lb, but they’re fine for making peach sorbet and sauces!

Speaking of Texas-grown peaches, the man who did the Williams-Sonoma technique class last weekend raved about Ham Orchard peaches. My daughter and I are planning a trip to Terrell to check it out. I’ll let you know what we find!

Best Price on Organic Fuji Apples
I am only buying organic apples these days, and the prices usually range from $1.99-2.49/lb. I have found that my apple peeler/corer/slicer consistently works the best with Fuji apples and had been paying $2.49/lb for these apples at Whole Foods and Central Market.

Last week, I found that Super Target sells them for $1.99/lb! Target does not have a huge quantity of these apples, and I only found a few that I felt were still worth buying, but given the amount of apples I buy each week, a $0.50/lb savings is huge!

I use the apples to make applesauce (which we eat as is, and also in recipes) and baked apples. I have also started juicing apples since no commercial apple juices are “legal” on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

Have you heard?
Roy’s Natural Market is closing in early August. The store is located at Preston/Royal in Dallas. From now until July 16, visit the store between 2-4PM to wish Roy a happy retirement, get discounts and register to win prizes.

Now on to the produce comparison document for the week of July 14…

Here’s what I am thinking about buying this week:


– Welch’s 100% Grape Juice 64 oz – $1.49 ea (use $1.00/1 printable coupon and must buy 10 participating items in mega sale – I may buy batteries). I printed the coupon last week, so I’m not sure if it is still available.
– Hass Avocados (small) – $0.50 ea

Newflower Farmers Market

– Apricots (US Grown) – $0.88/lb
– Blueberries (US Grown) – $0.88/pint
– Peaches (US Grown – 7/14 only) – $0.47/lb
– Seedless Watermelon – $0.19/lb (they weigh around 10 lbs)
– Celery (Organic) – $0.99 ea
– Chard & Kale (Organic) – $1.50/bunch
– Cashews, unsalted or raw – $4.99/lb
– Yellow Cheddar – $2.99/lb


– Seedless Watermelon – $1.49 ea (if cheaper than Newflower Farmers Market)
– Almonds, unsalted/raw – $4.99/lb

Download the full comparison (PDF format). It covers the DFW-area following stores:

Central Market
Market Street
Sunflower Market
Tom Thumb
Whole Foods

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Produce Price Comparison for week of 6/30 (DFW)

Download this week’s produce price comparison document (PDF). It covers advertised prices for conventional and organic produce at the following stores:

Central Market
Market Street
Sunflower Market
Tom Thumb
Whole Foods

I will be posting about my kale chip experiment soon. I have read and heard many good things about kale chips, so when I saw the organic kale is $1.50/bunch this week at New Flower Market, I decided to get some. I have two “recipes” – one that you can make in the oven and one that you can make in a dehydrator. I tried the oven method today and think I over oiled them, but some were good. I am going to try the dehydrator method on Sunday and will post a comparison with photos.

When another mother and I met with a Dallas-area Whole Foods store ambassador about food allergies a few weeks ago, she gave us a tour of the produce area. She told us about all the health benefits of kale (better than spinach, she said), and she gave us a small piece to try. It was interesting, but not something I would eat raw very regularly. The kale chips were much more tolerable. Best of all, my daughter LOVED them.

Produce Price Comparison for week of 6/23 (DFW)

My blog re-design is finally live, but there are still several issues I need to fix and content that I need to add, so it will be a work-in-progress for a few more days.

The homepage should work. If it does not look right to you, please let me know what browser you are using.

Issues I am aware of:

1. IE browser – right column is halfway down the page
2. IE and Firefox browsers – inner pages have right column covering the content

I am also going to tweak a few things to make it easier to read, but that’s after I work out the major kinks!

Now…on to the produce price comparison for this week!

Produce Price Comparison

On the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, we are buying LOTS of produce – mostly bananas, apples, pears, blueberries, zucchini, carrots, chard, and French-cut green beans at this stage. We go through dozens of bananas, apples, zucchini and carrots each week for homemade applesauce, banana pancakes, flourless muffins, banana cake, zucchini noodles, etc.

I price-checked produce at Sam’s Club this week to see if I could buy any of these items at a lower cost, but Sam’s was just as expensive or more expensive than the grocery stores! That is not always the case though. I am going to try to hit Sam’s and possibly Costco occasionally to see if buying in bulk will be cheaper. While I will not be covering the warehouse clubs’ prices regularly, I will post any deals I find there.

I am now trying to buy organic whenever possible. For example, I am only buying organic apples since I have read that apples are on the “dirty dozen” list of of produce where it makes the most sense to go organic. I figure if we’re going to do this diet to see if it helps my daughter’s health, then we might as well avoid eating those foods with higher concentrations of pesticide residues. I will include conventional and organic produce in the comparison chart so you can decide where to go based on your preferences. I will create three graphical icons to indicate if produce is:

– Organic
– Locally-grown (“Texas”)
– USA-grown

but for now I just used symbols in the spreadsheet (the symbol meanings are in the footer of each page).

Please keep in mind that stores do not always list the size of the produce. For example, avocados are usually “small” or “large” but the ads don’t always specify. So it will be difficult to know for sure which store has the best price. Whenever possible, I will check on sizes in person and will update the chart.

And last but not least, this is a work-in-progress. This week, I am posting just a PDF download of the chart. In future weeks, I will pull out the best deals and post a summary with a link to the full download.

Please let me know what you like or dislike about this format. And if you stop by a store and find additional produce on sale that is not advertised, please let me know and I will update this list. I plan to do similar comparisons for meat/seafood, nuts and dairy soon.

Download the produce comparison chart for DFW-area stores (PDF format).

My Albertsons Trip – 9/27

I didn’t see much at Kroger this week, so I headed to Albertsons. These deals are good until today (9/29). Here’s what I purchased for around $12 (I misplaced the receipt):

Fruit 2O Water (3) – FREE ($1.00/1 – 8/23 SS)

Swanson’s Chicken (1) and Beef (2) Broth – $0.23 each ($0.50/3 – 9/27 SS)

Tic Tacs (20) – $0.25 each
– there was a large table of discounted items at the front of the store. I stocked up on Tic Tacs!

Albertsons Water (1) – $0.33
– something my daughter requested while shopping to drink in the car, then we discovered she hadn’t finished her last bottle of water

Progresso Lentil Soup (2) – $0.49 each ($0.50/2 – 9/13 SS)

Producers White Rice 16 oz (4) – $0.50 each

Old El Paso Stand ‘N Stuff Taco Shells 10-12 ct (4) – $0.99 each
– look for the pink stickers to get free seasoning. My Albertsons didn’t have any in stock

Borden Milk 1 gallon (1) – $1.89 ($1.00/1 – 8/23 SS)

Some other items that are on sale, but I didn’t purchase:

Totinos Pizza Rolls – FREE (limit of 4 per transaction – $0.35/1 – 9/13 SS)

Weight Watchers Yogurt Cups – $0.23 each, must buy 2 ($0.55/2 – 9/27 SS)

Albertsons 1 dozen large eggs – $0.88 (limit 1)

Albertsons / P&G Promo: Free redbox rentals & $5 oyno coupon

From Wednesday, July 29 through Tuesday, August 18, receive five free 1 night redbox movie rentals and a $5.00 coupon off your next shopping trip when you purchase of $25 of P&G products in one transaction at Albertsons. You will receive an instant print out with your receipt with the redbox pin codes and the $5 coupon.

This could be an interesting deal if there are any good sales during the promotion with coupons to match.

The participating P&G Brands are:

Clearblue Easy
Cover Girl
Gillette, Gleem
Head & Shoulders
Herbal Essences
Max Factor
Mr. Clean
Natural Instincts
Nice ‘N Easy
Old Spice
Oral B
Pepto Bismol
Prilosec OTC

I noticed this one on a Facebook ad. I am not sure if all Albertsons will be running this promo. If your Albertsons operates under the Albertsons LLC company, then it should. These stores are located in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, South Dakota and Wyoming.

Become a fan of this promotion on Facebook.

Albertsons Deals (DFW) through 6/9

Here are the best deals I see through 6/9:


Red Seedless Grapes – $1.00/lb

Strawberries – 4 lb package – $4.99 (be sure to weigh these as I’ve read reports that Albertsons sometimes shorts customers on product weight)


Organic Valley Milk Half Gallon – $1.99 – 2.49 each (depending on coupons)
Price: $2.99
Coupon: $1.00/2 Half Gallons – Organic Valley mailer (get details on how to sign up) or $2.00/2 any Organic Valley Products (from Organic Gardening Magazine, June/July 2009).

Get a free one year subscription to Organic Gardening Magazine for possible coupons in the next issue (and the magazine is interesting too!):

1) Sign up for the Stonyfield Farm community

2) Then sign up for the magazine subscription


Clorox Bleach – FREE to $0.67 depending on coupon*
Price: 3 for $5.00
Coupon: $2.00/1 Clorox printable from MomWire (if you’re already a member, log in to get your coupon) or $1.00/1 Clorox printable from MomWire for non-members. They’re not currently taking new members.
I have not verified the Clorox bleach price at Albertsons yet. I read it on DFWCouponCuties. My daughter is going to a birthday party this weekend where instead of gifts for the child, we are to bring items to donate to the local animal shelter. Bleach is on the wish list, so I’ll be grabbing two of these! I’m looking for other pet-related deals, so if you know of any free items this week, please let me know.

Clorox Bleach is also $2.00 at Family Dollar, so it’s also free if you have the $2.00 coupon AND if your Family Dollar stacks their store coupons with manufacturer coupons, you might be able to get $0.50 overage to use toward something else. The Family Dollar store coupons were in the Red Plum mailer that comes once a week. If you don’t get the weekly Red Plum mailer, you can sign up here.

Fisher Snacks – FREE
Price: 10/$10
Coupon: $1.00/1 – 1/18, 3/15, 3/29 or 5/10 SS

Dial Basics Bar Soap 3 pack – FREE
Price: 10/$10
Coupon: $0.35/1 – 3/8 or 5/17 SS

Suave Deodorant – FREE
Price: 10/$10
Coupon: $0.50/1 – 3/29 or 5/17 RP

Kellogg’s Cereal – varies depending on if you have coupons**
Price: 4/$14
Promo: Buy 4 get 3 Free AND get 3 coupons for free gallons of milk
Coupon: $1.00/1 Printable Coupons (if you already printed them because they’re no longer available)
**This Sunday’s Red Plum insert is supposed to have $1.00/1 Kelloggs coupons that will work for this promotion. Inserts can vary by region, so we’ll see this weekend. If you get the coupons and have four of them, you can get 3 gallons of milk and seven boxes of cereal for $10!

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts – $0.99
If you buy the four Kellogg’s Cereals, you can get an 8 count box of Kellogg’s Pop tarts for $0.99 with the store ad coupon.

Bar S Franks – $0.50 each when you buy 2
Price: 10/$10
Coupon: $1.00/2 – 5/10 RP or Printable Coupon

DFW Grocery Deals until 5/19 or 5/20

I posted my Tom Thumb (Safeway) trip with some additional deals. Here are the other deals I see that are good until Tuesday (or Wednesday for Sprouts):

Cherries – $2.49/lb
Blackberries – $0.99/lb
Yellow Peaches or Apricots – $1.99/lb
Cluster Tomatoes – $0.99/lb
Yellow Corn – 5/$1.00

Boneless, skinless chicken breast – $1.88/lb

Annie’s Homegrown Shells & Cheese – $1.25 each
There are coupon mailers out there. I don’t have one, but wanted to list this in case you do. I think $1.25 a box without a coupon is still a decent price, but I haven’t purchased these since I started using coupons so I’m not sure.

Weber Grill Creations Marinade Packet (1.12 oz) – FREE
Price: $0.99
Coupon: $0.50/1 – 5/17 SS (three coupons will double at most Kroger stores)

Hot House Tomatoes on the Vine – $0.97/lb

Vitamin Water (20 oz) – FREE
Price: $1.00
Coupon: $1.00/1 – 4/5 SS

Dial Hand Soap – FREE
Price: $1.00
Coupon: $0.35/1 – 5/17 SS

Nestle Flipz Chocolate or Fudge Covered Pretzels (5 oz) – $0.25
Price: 8/$10
Coupon: $0.50/1 – 4/5 SS (most Albertsons will double/triple up to four coupons)

Albertsons String Cheese – $0.10 each (limit 10)
Price: $0.25/each
Coupon: Albertsons ad

Not seeing much of interest again this week.

DFW-Area Grocery Deals until 5/12

Here are the best grocery deals this week at Tom Thumb, Kroger, Albertsons, Sprouts and Market Street:

Kraft Barbecue Sauce (18 oz) – $0.24 to FREE
Price: $0.99
Coupon: $0.75/1- 5/3 SS or free if you print the barbecue coupons mentioned here

V-8 Fusion – $0.49 – $1.49
Price: $2.49 (if you buy 5 qualifying products*)
Coupon: $2.00/1 – printable no longer available OR $1.00/1 – 4.19 SS

Ocean Spray Cranberry Pomegranate Juice – $1.44
Price: $1.99 (if you buy 5 qualifying products*)
Coupon: $0.55/1 – 4/19 SS

CapriSun Sunrise – $0.49
Price: $1.49 (if you buy 5 qualifying products*)
Coupon: $1.00/1 – 4/19 SS

Litehouse Refrigerated Salad Dressing (13 oz) – $1.25 each (must buy 2)
Price: $4.49 each (B1G1 Free)
Coupon: Two $1.00/1 – 5/10 SS

Strawberries (1 lb) – $1.50

Texas 1015 Sweet Onions – $0.48/lb.

* Tom Thumb is running a “buy 5, save $5 promo” where you get $5 off when you buy five participating juice products.

French’s Worcestershire Sauce – $0.69 each, but FREE + overage after catalina
Price: $1.69 (I haven’t confirmed this price, so this is approximate)
Coupon: Two $0.50/1 – 1/18 SS or 5/10 SS
Receive a $1.50 catalina coupon for every 2 bottles you purchase to use on your next Kroger shopping trip.

Oral-B Indicator Toothbrush – $0.25
Price: 10/$10
Coupon: $0.75/1 – 5/3 PG

Ortega Taco Seasoning Packet – $0.29 each (must buy 2)
Price: $0.66
Coupon: $0.75/2 – 4/19 SS

Hunt’s Ketchup (24 oz) – $0.40
Price: 10/$10
Coupon: $0.20 – 5/10 SS

El Monterrey Taquitos – $3.00 each (must buy 2)
Price: $7.99 each – B1G1 Free
Coupon: Two $1.00/1 – 5/3 SS

Bar S Jumbo Franks* or Bologna – $0.49 each (must buy 2)
Price: $0.99 each
Coupon: $1.00/2 – 5/10 RP
* Excludes beef franks

Driscoll Strawberries (2 lbs) – $2.97

Driscoll Organic Strawberries (1 lb) – $2.50

Organic Cameo Apples – $0.99/lb

Hot House Tomatoes – $0.97/lb

Vitamin Water 10 – FREE
Price: 10/$10
Coupon: $1.00 – 4/5 SS

Yoplait Yogurt Cups (4-6 oz) – $0.26 (when you buy 12-18 and if your coupon is doubled)
Price: $0.39 each – You must buy a minimum of 10 and a max of 20 to get this price
Coupon: $0.40/6 – 3/22 SS or 4/19 SS (buy 12 if you use this coupon)

Nature Sweet Cherry Tomatoes – $0.99
Price: $1.99
Coupon: $1.00/1 – 3/9 SS

Pink Lady or Braeburn Apples – $0.77/lb.

Yellow Corn – 10/$2

Broccoli Crowns – $0.77/lb

I didn’t see anything too exciting at Market Street this week.

My CVS Trip – 4/19

Here’s my CVS trip:

Spent: $69.68 ($4.43 on gift card and $65.25 ECBs)
Saved: $214.89
Earned: $54.89 in ECBs

So everything “cost” me $14.79 in ECBs and gift card monies – just a little more than what I would have paid in the pre-coupon days for two packages of Children’s Zyrtec!

I had to do this in a couple of transactions because I had a $4/$20 Beauty Products CVS coupon (emailed to me) and a $10/$50 CVS CRT that printed at the scanner (you are not permitted to use two CVS $X/$X coupons in the same transaction). I also didn’t have had enough ECBs to cover everything in one transaction, and most of the stores I visited did not have the Bayer aspirin in stock yet.

Aveeno Positively Ageless Sunscreen (7) – $1.14 each
Price: $9.00 each
Coupon: $10/3 and $5/2 printable coupons and $10/$50 CVS CRT (scanned card when I entered the store)


Aveeno Moisturizing Bars (5) – $0.99 each
Price: $2.99 each
Coupon: Five $2.00/1 – printable coupons found here (click “go now”) and
Promo: Buy $25 worth of Aveeno, get $10 ECBs
Earned: $30 ECBs
Limit 3 (newspaper ad states the limit is 1, but I can confirm that $75 worth of Aveeno will generate $30 ECBs)

TRESemme (6) – FREE after coupons and ECBs
Price: 3/$10
Coupon: Six $1.00 – printable coupons + $4.00/$20 Beauty products CVS Coupon emailed to customers (expired 4/19)
Earned: $10 ECBs
Promo: Purchase $10 of TRESemme, get $5 ECBs – Limit 2
You might have to adjust your print preferences to get this coupon to print correctly – e.g. landscape format and/or reduce the size of the image. There is no coupon printing limit.

Gas-X Chewables 18 ct (4) – $0.44/each
Price: $5.69 each
Coupon: Four $1.50 printable coupons AND $5.00/2 Gas-X CVS CRT
Earned: $10 ECBs
Promo: Purchase $20 worth of Benefiber, Gas-X or Maalox, get $10 ECBs – Limit 5
You can also do this deal with Maalox and use the $3/2 or $1.50/1 coupons from 2/22 SS and 3/8 SS for less out-of-pocket

Edge Shave Gel – FREE after ECBs
Price: $2.89 each
Earned: $2.89
Promo: Buy 1 Edge Shave Gel, get $2.89 ECBs – Limit 1

Bayer Aspirin Quick Release Crystals 4 ct (1) – profit of $1.50
Price: $2.00 each
Coupon: $1.50/1 Bayer Aspirin – peelie found on box
Earned: $2.00 ECBs
Promo: Buy 1 Bayer Aspirin Quick Release Crystals, get $2.00 ECBs – Limit 1

Viva Paper Towels (2) – $0.72 each
Price: $1.72 each (on clearance)
Coupon: $1.00/2 Viva mailer & $1.00/2 Viva CVS CRT

Children’s Zyrtec (2) – $3.99 each
Price: $6.99 each
Coupon: Two $3.00/1 Child Zyrtec CVS CRTs

Kleenex Lotion 65 ct (1) – profit of $0.56
Price: $0.99
Coupons: $1.00/1 Kleenex CVS CRT and $0.55/1 Kleenex Madre y Mujer mailer

Lifesavers (2) – $0.75 each
Price: 2/$3
Coupon: $1.50/2 Bags of Lifesavers CVS CRT

Programmable Message Clock* – $1.99
Price: $19.99 on clearance at 90% off
* I thought this might be a fun way for my preschooler to learn to read new words. I can program up to four messages and it comes with several pre-programmed messages.

Flameless Cinnamon Scented Candle – $0.99
Price: $9.99 on clearance at 90% off

Be sure to scan your card on Monday if you can because I’ve read several people are getting $X/$X coupons.

I also received a CVS CRT for $5.00 off Physician’s Formula cosmetics, but didn’t use it because I didn’t have the $1.00 or $2.00 manufacturer coupons with me.

Physician’s Formula is 40% off this week at CVS, so if you have the CRT and the manufacturer coupon, you could get some of the lower priced cosmetics for cheap, free or even at a profit!

There’s also a Try-Me-Free rebate on Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear, so if you find one of the peelies at CVS or Walgreens, it could potentially be a large moneymaker!

Check out Rachel’s additional CVS deals at Surviving the Stores.

My Albertsons Trip – 4/13

Birds Eye Steamers are on sale this week for $0.79 each. With the $0.35/1 coupon from 3/29 SS, you can get these for free (no overage though – I tried). All the Albertsons I go to in Dallas will double/triple up to four like coupons, so I got two peas and two rice varieties. I then spotted the Easter clearance and saw some egg tongs. I wish I had them Saturday night. They were $0.74, so I paid $0.80 (tongs + tax) for the frozen vegetables and tongs.

You can get free Birds Eye Steamers, as well as free Duncan Hines Cake mix (3/29 SS) and free Mentos gum (3/1 SS) at Albertsons through Tuesday, April 14.

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