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My CVS Trip – 8/16

I’m a little late getting this posted, but in case you don’t read other blogs, I wanted to share the CVS deals I got this week. Everything was free (using extra care bucks and a few cents on a gift card).

The school supplies and headphones must be purchased by today. The L’Oreal and Johnson & Johnson First Aid kits can be purchased any time this week. If your store is out of the school supplies and you want them, be sure to ask for a rain check.

There’s also a non-advertised deal on 10-pack boxes of CVS tampons ($1.89). They’re free after extra care bucks.

Get the full details at Money Saving Mom.

My CVS Trip – 8/9

I had a great trip to CVS today. I wish I had the photo to show you the items!

Spent: approximately $25 (mostly used ECBs, but also put less than $1 on a gift card)
Earned: $26.98 ($19.99 in ECBs + $6.99 rebate)

I used a $5.00 off $25 coupon from the ReadyFill quiz. It beeped and the cashier said I couldn’t use it until 8/10, but I said I didn’t see anything on the print out about it not being valid until the 10th so he pushed it through.

I also got the ReadyFill coupon booklet at CVS. Ask the pharmacist for one. There’s

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Mousse – FREE + $1.00 overage
Price: $9.99
Coupon: $1.00/1 – 7/19 SS
ECBs Earned: $9.99
* This promo is good through Tuesday only.

Nexxus Shampoo (3) & Nexxus comb (1) – FREE + $2.04 overage
Price: $4.99 (there is only one shampoo and one comb that are $4.99)
Coupon: $3.00/1 – 7/12 SS
ECBs Earned: $10.00
*Note: Even though it’s buy $20 worth, get $10, I found that buying $19.96 still generates the $10 ECB. Also, the coupon beeped for the comb, but the comb packaging clearly states that it is a salon hair care product (same wording is on the coupon), so I pointed this out to the cashier and he agreed it should work.

Naked Naturals Shampoo (1) & Conditioner (1) – FREE after rebate
Price: B1G1 Free ($6.99)
* I found a “Try Me Free” tag on the shampoo and then noticed this week, CVS is running a B1G1 Free promo, so shampoo and conditioner for free once I receive the rebate!

American Greetings Cards (3) – $0.99 for 3
Price: $0.99 each
Coupon: $2.00/3 American Greeting Cards (CVS CRT).

Meow Mix Wholesome Goodness Cat Food (8) – $0.35 each
Price: $0.60 – clearance (saw this at all stores that carry this food)
Coupon: $1.00/4 – 6/28 RP

Purell Hand Sanitizer (4) – $0.10 total
Price: $0.40 – clearance (only saw this at one store)
Coupon: $0.50/1 – 8/2 SS (used 3 coupons to avoid it beeping)

For all the best CVS deals this week, see Common Sense with Money and

My CVS Trip – 8/2

I had a pretty successful CVS trip yesterday. I found everything except one pair of scissors. Did you see that erasers are part of the glue and sticky note ECB promo? There is no photo in the ad, so I saw lots of erasers at the CVS stores I visited.

Spent: $35.87 (a dollar-something on a gift card and the rest with ECBs).
Saved: ~$53.00
Earned: $38.87 in ECBs (that’s everything except the mouthwash, which was my free gift from CVS. Be sure to scan your card at the register because the red coupon scanner didn’t print it.)

With the Blink Tears $3.00 coupon from the 8/2 inserts, I ended up getting paid $3.00 (in ECBs) to purchase all of these items.

CVS Deals – week of 8/2-8/8

Lots of freebies at CVS this week… mostly school/office supplies, but a few other items, like Blink eye drops ($3 MM with the coupon from the 8/2 RP).

And starting August 1, be sure to scan your CVS Extra Bucks Card and get a coupon for a free gift (in the past, it’s been for a CVS brand item)!

Grab your CVS ad in Sunday’s paper or go to to see the school supplies that are free after ECBs (good through Tuesday only).

Also head over to Hot Coupon World to see a full list of match-ups.

CVS Deals for week of 7/19

I’m working on some deadlines for my day job, so I’m going to recommend visiting Hollie at Happy Couponing for the best CVS deals this week.

I stopped in one CVS today after my Staples trip and they were out of pencils and vinyl binders, but I was able to get everything else. Beware of the 1″ vinyl binders though because there was one on the shelf with the “FREE after ECBs” tag so I grabbed it, only to realize later that it was not the right one. It rang up at $2.49 with no ECBs, so I will return it.

If you use Alli, here’s a deal on the pills (if you have all the coupons):

Alli Weight Loss Pills – $4.99 after ECBs and coupons
Price: $49.99
Coupon: $15 off Alli – CVS CRT (printed at scanner) AND $10 off Alli (July All You magazine)
ECBs Earned: $10.00
Use $10 off $50 CVS CRT

Don’t have any ECBs? If you have the right coupons, there’s a moneymaker scenario posted on Hot Coupon World for Flex-a-min, Contour Meter, Speedstick.

There are conflicting reports about the free Kodak DVD. The ad states the limit is one, but the store tags state the limit is five. People at Hot Coupon World are reporting that the limit is currently one. I’m glad I saw that before I worked in three DVDs to use my $10/$50 CVS coupon!

My CVS Trip – 7/13

I was a little late getting to CVS for the school/office supply freebies, but after hitting several stores, I found one that was fully stocked. If you haven’t been to CVS yet, there’s still time. Some of the items must be purchased by Tuesday night. If they’re not in stock, be sure to ask for rain checks. The rain checks will print ECBs later when the products are back in stock.

Spent: $31.51 ($1.01 on a gift card and $30.50 in ECBs)
Saved: $62.54
ECBs Earned: $30.87, making the total cost $0.64!

Must purchase by Tuesday (or get a rain check)

Caliber or CVS brand 1 subject notebook (70-80 sheets) (2) – FREE after ECBs
Price: $0.99 each
Earn: $0.99 ECBs for each item purchased
Limit 2

Paper Mate Grip Pens 8 ct (3) – FREE each after ECBs
Price: $0.99
Earn: $0.99 ECBs for each
Limit 3

Caliber or CVS brand 12″ plastic or wood ruler (2) – FREE after ECBs
Price: $0.99
Earn: $0.99 ECBs for each
Limit 2 – note the flexi rulers are not generating ECBs for everyone, so stick with the hard plastic ones.

Caliber or It’s Academic 5″ pointed or blunt tip scissors (2) – FREE after ECBs
Price: $2.99
Earn: $2.99 ECBs for each
Limit 2

Caliber or CVS brand school glue – 5 oz (2) – FREE after ECBs
Price: $0.99
Earn: $0.99 ECBs for each
Limit 2 – you can get blue gel or white glue

Caliber or CVS brand school glue – 5 oz (2) – FREE after ECBs
Price: $0.99
Earn: $0.99 ECBs for each
Limit 2 – you can get blue gel or white glue

These items are on sale all week (through Saturday):

Gillette Fusion Manual or Power Razor (1) – $0.01 overage for each after ECBs
Price: $7.99
Coupon: $4.00/1 – 6/7 PG
Earn: $4.00 ECBs
Limit 1 – you can get blue gel or white glue

Tylenol Arthritis 24 ct (3) – $1.01 overage for each after ECBs
Price: $3.99
Coupon: $2.00/1 – 5/17 RP
Earn: $3.00 ECBs for each
Limit 3

Milk (1) – $1.69
Price: $2.69
Earn: $1.00 ECB
Limit 1

Emergency Flashlight/Nightlight (1) – $1.99
Price: $1.99 (90% off clearance)

Other deals (not purchased yet):

Hardcover Photobook 6×8 – FREE after ECBs
Price: $7.99
Earn: $7.99 ECBs for each
Limit 5

My CVS Trip – 7/5 & redbox code update

Spent $0.32 on a gift card and $14.00 in ECBs.
Received: $13.43 in ECBs

Caliber or CVS Brand Pencils 10 pk (2) and Double Blade Pencil Sharpener (1) – FREE after ECBs
Price: $0.99 each
ECBs Earned: $0.99 x 3
Limit 3
Promo: You can get up to three packages of pencils, or three pencil sharpeners or a combination of pencils and sharpeners (up to 3 items total).

Caliber or CVS Brand Transparent or Invisible Tape (3) – FREE after ECBs
Price: $1.49 each
ECBs Earned: $1.49 x 3
Limit 3 – Sunday and Monday ONLY
*The ad states you can get the 1/2″ x 700″ transparent tape or the 3/4″ x 450″ invisible tape. I pulled three of the invisible tapes off the shelf thinking all three were the same. I got home and noticed that one was 3/4″ x 1000″. This one rang up at $1.49 and printed the $1.49 ECBs. Check the price in the CVS coupon scanner before you buy it and be prepared to return it if you don’t get the ECBs. But if you do get them – it’s like getting more than twice the amount of invisible tape for the same price as the advertised size.

CVS Pantiliners 22 ct – FREE + $0.10 overage after ECBs
Price: $0.89
ECBs Earned: $0.99
Limit 1

Febreeze Noticeables (2) – FREE after ECBs
Price: $6.50 each
Coupon: Two $4.00/1 – 7/5 PG
ECBs Earned: $5.00
Promo: Buy $10 worth of Febreeze products in the ad, get $5.00 ECBs. Limit 5 of the $10 purchases, meaning you will only need to buy 8 of the Noticeables since you’ll max out at $52.

I also purchased three of the $0.33 filler caramel candy located at the front of the store.

redbox DVD code side note:
I posted a redbox DVD code yesterday that may or may not work at all locations. I used it tonight at Walgreens without any problem.

My CVS Trip – 6/21

I had a great CVS trip today. It felt like old times! I made $16.84 for everything in the photo and only paid $0.17 out of pocket.

Spent: $25.14 ($24.97 ECBs and $0.17 on a gift card)
Saved: $80.43
Made: $41.98 ($38.98 in ECBs and will get $3.00 rebate for the True North product)

I received a $10 off $50 CRT from the coupon scanner in the store.

Here’s what I got:

Soy Joys (20 – some are not pictured because I did two transactions) – $10.00 overage
Price: 4/$4.00
Promotion: Buy 4, get $4.00 ECBs – limit 5 (which means each 4 you buy counts as “1”. You can buy up to 20 Soy Joys)
B1G1 Free – 5/31 SS
$2.00 off 10 – 5/31 SS
$1.00 off 5 – printable coupon
*** Be sure to check the expiration dates. If you live in California, this might be a good product to get the $2 ECB if you find expired products. I had to go through several expired ones until I found ones that won’t expire for a year.

Thermacare Neck Shoulder Wrist 1 ct trial size (2) – FREE
Price: $2.49
Promo: Buy 1 Thermacare Neck Shoulder Wrist 1 ct, get $2.49 ECB – limit 2

Almay Pure Blends Foundation or Face Powder – FREE
Price: $13.99
Coupons: $3.00/1 Almay – CVS CRT from scanner AND $1.00/1 Almay – 5/17 SS (expired 6/21 but some stores will take expired coupons, so ask!)
Promo: Buy 1 Almay Pure Blends Foundation or Face Powder, get $10 ECB
Note: If you do not have the $3.00 CVS CRT, your price will be higher. Also, be sure to look for the bonus packs. The face powder has free eye shadow and the liquid foundation has free lip gloss. The lip gloss retails for $7.99 so it’s a nice little bonus!

Always Infinity 28-32 ct (2) – $0.99
Price: $4.99
Coupon: $4.00/1 – 6/7 PG
Note: These are not marked on shelves and it may be a mistake since they are not pictured in the ad. If you buy this, scan it at the coupon scanner before you check out. The small boxes are $5.99 and the $10.89 boxes are on sale for $4.99 so it’s a great deal after coupon! No limit.

Tylenol Arthritis 24 ct – $0.99
Price: $4.99
Coupon: $2.00/1 – 5/17 RP
Promo: Buy Tylenol Arthritis at $4.99, get $2.00 ECB – limit 3

True North Almond Peanut Cluster Medley – FREE after Rebate
Price: 2/$6.00
Rebate: “Try Me Free” red rebate on it. The promotion runs from 6/1-12/31.
Note: There is a coupon $1.00/1 – 2/8 SS and $1.00/1 All You June 2009 issue. I didn’t have the coupon with me. Grab your coupon and keep it with you in case you find the Try Me Free rebate.

I made a $1.00 donation to the ALS fundraiser the CVS stores are having right now, and then realized I had come up short even though I thought the donation would take me closer to $2.00 out of pocket. I wasn’t sure why, but quickly threw in two of the $0.33 caramels in the bin by the register. That company is genius for placing their candy by the register because I’m always grabbing one to three to use as fillers when I come up shorter than planned. I checked my receipt when I got home and realized the cashier took off $1.29 for each Soy Joy instead of $1.00.

I also noticed I’m one gallon of milk away from a free gallon and one American Greetings card away from a free card. I guess these have been ongoing promotions because I haven’t purchased milk or greeting cards in a while, and didn’t realize they were accumulating. Check the bottom of your receipt – especially if you took advantage of that milk ECB promo a few weeks ago. Milk is on sale for $2.69 this week, which is nearly $0.70 more than the grocery store, but getting two for the price of one comes out to only $1.35 per gallon.

I didn’t get this, but here’s another freebie if you like hot sauce:

Frank’s Red Hot Sauce РFREE
Price: $1.00
Coupon: $1.00/1 – 5/17 SS

CVS Deals for week of 5/24

I haven’t visited CVS nearly as much as I used to, but I plan to head there this week. There are several free items and a few money makers after Extra Care Bucks and coupons. If you got a $5.00 off $30 CVS CRT (scan your card at the store), this is a good week to use it. My coupon expires today.

This first group of items must be purchased Sunday or Monday only. After Monday, no Extra Care Bucks will print.

Clearasil Stayclear Face Wash – FREE + $1.00 overage after coupons and ECBs
Price: $3.99 / Receive: $3.99 ECBs
Coupon: $1.00/1 – 4/19 SS
Limit 1

Band-Aids (Comfort Flex (40 – 80 ct), Flexible Fabric (10 – 30 ct), Childrens (10 – 25 ct)) – FREE after coupon and ECBs (possible $1.00 overage if you have the CVS CRT
Price: $2.99 / Receive: $2.00 ECBs
Coupon: $1.00/1 – 2/8 SS or 4/26 RP
CVS CRT: $1.00/1 Band-Aid – CVS CRT (printed from CVS scanner in store)
Limit 2

Playtex Gentle Glide 18 ct. or Sport 16 ct. – FREE after coupon and ECBs
Price: $3.99 / Receive $3.00 ECBs
Coupon: $1.00/1 – 3/22 SS or $1.00/1 – May All You Magazine
Limit 1

Revlon Nail Color – FREE after coupon and ECBs
Price: $3.99 / Receive $3.00 ECBs
Coupon: $1.00/1 – 4/26 SS
Limit 1

These items can be purchased any day this week through 5/30:

Speed Stick Pro Deodorant – FREE after ECBs
Price: $3.99 / Receive: $3.99 ECBs
Limit 2

Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste – FREE after coupon and ECBs
Price: $2.99 / Receive: $2.00 ECBs
Coupon: $1.00/1 – 5/10 SS or $1.50/1 in the March All You Magazine
Limit 1

Olay Body Wash (23.6 oz), Plus Ribbons (18 oz), or Quench Lotion* (11.8 oz) – $1.50-2.50 each after ECBs and coupons
Price: 2/$12.00 / Receive: $5.00 ECB wyb 2
Coupon: $1.00/1 – 5/3 PG and $2 off 2 Body Washes – CVS CRT that prints at scanner at store
Limit 1
* There are rumors that Quench lotion is on clearance at some stores, so check the endcaps!

Coppertone Sun Care – $1.99-$3.99 after ECBs and coupons
Price: $8.99 / Receive: $2.00 ECBs
Coupon: $3.00/1 – printable and $2.00/1 Coppertone Sport Continuous Spray (if product qualifies for ECB promo) – CVS CRT that prints at store scanner.
Limit 1

Hefty One Zip Bags (Quart or Gallon size) – FREE after coupon
Price: $1.00 (found in dollar aisle of store which may not be found in all stores)
Coupon: $1.00/1 – 5/17 RP
No Limit

CVS: Free Hefty One Zip Bags

Get free Hefty One Zip quart (8 count) and gallon (6 count) bags at CVS. I found these in my store’s “dollar aisle”.

Hefty One Zip Quart (8 ct) or Gallon (6 ct) Bags – $1.00
Coupon: $1.00/1 – 5/17 SS

This is a fabulous filler if you got the $5 off $30 CVS CRT that prints out at the store’s scanner.

Were you able to get the Dry Idea deodorant that I mentioned here? I went to five stores and only found two at one of the stores. Either they sold out quickly or didn’t have many in stock to begin with.

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