Bizzy – New site for local deals

I saw a Facebook post from The Cultured Cup (tea, coffee, chocolates store in Dallas) that stated they only needed three more people to register to become a featured business when Bizzy launches in a few days (2 now since I registered). The first 25 people to register will get a free cup of tea or coffee on their next visit. Since I like The Cultured Cup’s tea, I registered, and then I looked into Bizzy a bit more.

It’s a new site that will connect consumers with their favorite businesses and give consumers access to exclusive deals, including birthday surprises. The site is in beta, and I can’t see any way to connect with any other businesses yet, nor can I see which cities will be able to participate in Bizzy, but I’m guessing everything will be more clear on March 2 when it launches.

If you are in Dallas and want to connect with The Cultured Cup on Bizzy, register here. The free cup of tea or coffee is good for the first 25 people that “connect” as a customer, so you’ll have to check the “customers” number to see what number you are.

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